What is 1/2 handicap? What is the best way to play handicap ½ always win?

Handicap 1/2 is a type of bet that is not uncommon on today’s online football betting Uganda tables. For professional players, they are not too strange. But for those new to the field, it’s still quite new. So, what exactly is the 1/2 handicap, how is it calculated, and how can it be used to achieve the best results?

What is 1/2 handicap?

Many people wonder what the 1/2 handicap is. In fact, this is a fairly familiar bet with online betting players in the Asian betting system, known as Asian rafters. Another name for this type of handicap is the left half handicap or the left 0.5 handicap.

With this type of handicap, 1/2, the team on the upper hand has a handicap of less than 0.5. That is, the upper-door team determined by the house must win with a difference of at least 1 goal or more for the player to win the bet. This bet is usually offered by the house when the two teams are in equal form. The home team has the home field advantage, so it is ranked at the top.

How to calculate and read 1/2 handicap?

This type of bet ½ is much simpler than other types of bets when it can only win or lose. Therefore, players can easily calculate the result of winning or losing in the match when participating in betting on 0.5, half, or the whole match. As follows:

Scenario 1: The top team wins the bottom team by any score. The person who bets on the top team wins. The last team betor will lose their bet and lose their entire bet.

Scenario 2: The top team loses to the bottom team by any score. The person who places the last team gets all the money. The person who placed the upper bet loses the bet and loses the entire bet.

Scenario 3: Two teams draw with a score of 0 – 0, 1 – 1, 2–2, 3–3, etc. The upper team loses all the money, the lower team wins all the money.

Table of house odds with handicap 1/2

Handicap betting experience 1/2 ensures victory

Usually, the bookies will often suggest many different types of rafters, such as 1 left truss, 2 left rafters, etc., for players to choose from. Therefore, to be sure of winning when playing the house 1/2 odds, you should pay attention to the following points:

If on the bookie’s table, the home team’s handicap has a higher position than the other team, the probability of winning is up to 80% if you bet on the upper hand.

If the handicap team plays away from home, and the position in the rankings is lower than the home team, priority should be given to the lower team.

Matches take place on a neutral field. With the left half handicap, you can boldly bet on the bottom team.

Don’t rush to bet; let the game run for about 15 minutes. If you see the dealer lower the handicap bet from ½ left to ¼ left, you should immediately place the bet above. The probability of winning is very high.

Effective 1/2 handicap betting tips for newbies

Playing handicap, 1/2, or any other type of football betting, it is extremely necessary to cultivate your own betting experience. Because football betting is not just about luck.

If players know how to analyze and judge well, Here are some effective tips from the bookie expert:

Assess the current strength of the two teams

For handicap betting 1/2, the first thing you need to do before placing a bet is to learn, research, and evaluate the current strength of the two teams. In it, special attention is paid to the lineup, gameplay, recent form, and confrontation history.

It is no coincidence that the number one bookie offers that betting rate; they also carefully researched information about each team before the competition. However, the house side is still dominated by the profit factor, so there are certain adjustments. Therefore, to make an accurate judgment, you need to consult more information from other sources.

In today’s 4.0 technology era, finding information about the teams before this match is not difficult. However, to ensure authentic news, to avoid fake news, you should choose reputable and official sources.

The time to bet must be at the right time

To win with this 0.5 handicap, you need to choose a quick time and place a reasonable bet.

According to the experience of reputable bookmakers, the best time to place this type of bet is when the match has been going on for about 15-20 minutes. Through those moments of competition, you will somewhat evaluate the situation of the match, the gameplay of this match. At that time, it is not too late for you to bet on this market.

Bet at a reputable bookie

Another thing that you absolutely need to remember when participating in betting is choosing a reputable bookmaker. Currently on the market, there are many different betting sites with many different names.

Besides the quality houses, there are many scam websites. Once you stick to that discredited address, you lose both your lead and your fish. Not only that, revealing personal information also makes your life complicated.

Therefore, you should only bet at a reputable bookmaker,experienced and licensed to operate. Only in this way can your information be kept safe. as well as bringing moments of comfort, support, dedicated care, and the opportunity to win attractive and valuable rewards.

You should bet with a reputable bookie to play safely and enjoy many benefits

When playing a 1/2 handicap

The information above is not enough to guarantee that you can “hundred to win” when playing handicap. ½. You need to save a few points below:

It is necessary to find the difference between the two teams to get the most accurate choice. Besides, the home team almost always has the advantage.

Always be alert to be able to handle situations that may occur in the match.

Do not put all your money in one place because it is very easy to generate very high betting risks. In fact, it’s just a virtual odds offered by the house to trap players to increase the odds of losing bets.

Do not forget to find a reputable online football betting house to ensure your best interests when playing. And regularly update the odds offered by the house, because many times they change the bet without even knowing it.


Through the above article, you must have understood what the 1/2 handicap is, right? Regardless of the type of bet you play, you need to know the rules and regulations of each type of bet. Study the match carefully before placing a bet to increase your chances of winning.

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