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Wondershare Filmora Review

Last Updated on April 1, 2024 by Ali Hamza


Wondershare’s Filmora provides the basic trimming, overlays, and transitions and also the effects that we’ve come to expect from enthusiast-level film editing tools. Since the last time we looked at it the company has added advanced and contemporary features that are similar to those available in the more established competitors. The software now has motion tracking, as an example. Filmora is able to do the job as well as its user interface simple and pleasant, however you’ll need to sacrifice certain of the precise control that competitors offer.

What is the cost of filmora?

Filmora offers a trial download that allows you to export your footage 10 times, and it adorns the Filmora logo on exports. If you’re ready for paying, Filmora offers a subscription model (as Adobe does for Premiere Pro). If you’re willing to pay a little more than that, you could buy a lifetime license. Both macOS as well as Windows editions price $51.99 per year, or $79.99 when you buy it outright (note that these prices are often discounted). This is less than what you’ll pay for the market-leading Adobe Premiere Elements, at $99.99 or CyberLink PowerDirector Ultimate, which costs $139.99 (with the option of a $69.99 per year option for a subscription). If Filmora fulfills your requirements and is priced reasonably, it’s worth the money. MORE

Pleasant Interface

The Full Editor view of Filmora is similar to the interface of many editing programs, featuring three panels that display the video previews, source content and a timeline along the bottom. It features an elegant, simple and dark-colored interface that includes non-skeuomorphic controls. You can toggle between light and black borders, and the application is able to adjust your system’s lighting or dark mode. Panels aren’t removed however, you can make full-screen the video preview, and change the sizes that the panel will take.When you begin a project, you can choose a option between Widescreen, Instagram (1×1) Standard, Portrait as well as cinema aspect ratios. When you go to The File tab, then Project Settings You can choose an individual size that you prefer, and also selecting frames per second.

Important buttons for switching modes are always on the upper left corner of the interface the following buttons: Media, Audio Titles Transitions, Effects, Elements (graphics) and split screen. On the right side are buttons that lead to tutorials and assistance with your account as well as the Save feature and the app’s message center and the option to download additional contents from WonderShare FilmStock including effects, videos and photos and audio. Can Dogs Eat Cherries

Instant Cutter

Quick Clutter is a tool that you can utilize during import of clips and is intended to be used for large, high-resolution media. It’s a simple tool, and serves just one goal like its name suggests. It is possible to add multiple clips to the window However, only if you’ve selected the Merge sub-mode. Its Trim mode is only to trim the edges of one clip. Its interface does not even display multiple clips in the left-sized source tray. It is possible to add segments that is, creating an entirely new clip from the original clip you trimmed, however it’s not possible to cut the clip. In some of my test clips, I received an error telling me they were not supported

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