Why Should You Learn Farsi Language?

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Farsi is one of the important languages of Central Asia and the Middle East. Approximately 1 million people around the world speak this language. It is an Iranian language that is ranked 20th in the most spoken languages of the world. 

This language has been given different names in some countries. For example, it is called Farsi in Iran, Tajik in Tajikistan, and Dari in Afghanistan.

 People living in Middle Eastern countries, Australia, Europe, Turkey, Canada, and the USA also speak this language. Fifty million people around the world speak it as a second language. Arabic and Farsi are written with the same alphabet. Farsi is close to many European languages. 

Therefore, if you are aware of Arabic and European languages then learning a Farsi language is much easier for you.  If you are learning Farsi and your company has signed any contract with a Farsi company then continue with your learning process and meanwhile take the assistance of professional Farsi translation services.

Reasons to Learn Farsi Language

There can be multiple reasons for learning a new language. If you are confused about which language to learn then you should consider the advantages associated with that language. Let’s have a look at what advantages you will gain if you opt to learn Farsi. Learning a Farsi language will give you a competitive advantage in the world.

Significance of  Farsi

Another name for Farsi is Persian. Iran is the country that has taken the legacy of the Persian Empire and it holds great importance in the region. It controls the Strait of Hormuz that connects the entire world to the Persian Gulf, which is the channel for the world’s reserves of oil.

 Iran contains the fourth-largest reserves of oil and it is the second-largest producer of natural gas. Iran has a diversified economy which is considered the second largest in the Middle East.

 Along with Farsi, Arabic is also widely spoken in this region. Therefore, if you want to do business in Iran then you must take the assistance of a Farsi translation service. Similarly, if you want to tap into the Middle East then you must go for professional Arabic Translation Services.

Rich Heritage and Culture

Learning Persian can provide you with a gateway to a rich heritage and culture. The renowned Sufis and poets like Ferdowsi, Hafez, and Rumi have created an inspiration for Farsi literature for the generations to come. This literature has gained popularity with an international audience.

In addition to literature, Iran is also famous for producing world-class films that are shown in international film awards including Oscar, Bodil, David di Donatello and many more.

If you have a love for rich literature and have a passion for painting then you should learn the Farsi language. This is because Farsi culture is famous for complicated mosaics, miniature paintings, and hand-woven carpets and rugs that seem attractive to the eyes.

Visiting Iran

You will be amazed to know that Iran consists of two dozen UNESCO World Heritage Sites including a palace, a desert, and a historical hydraulic system. These heritage sites make Iran attractive to tourists around the world.

 It is estimated that 5 million people visit Iran each year. If you are planning your trip to Iran, you must have the know-how of the Farsi language. Tajikistan is another beautiful tourist spot where you need Farsi communication skills.

Farsi is Easy Language to Learn  

Farsi is one of the easiest languages to learn. It is easier for English-speaking people than for Middle East people. Farsi has formal simple grammar with no gender, adjectival agreement, and no tonal inflection. The main important thing to know is that the Farsi language has not altered with time.

The basic grammar for traditional and modern grammar is the same. You can learn Farsi with sheer dedication.  After learning the Farsi language, you can enjoy enriched poetry and Iranian movies without subtitles.

Farsi is not Mutually Intelligible with Arabic

Some people consider that Farsi and Arabic are mutually intelligible but the reality is that Farsi and Arabic are more different than French and Portuguese. This is because they are not from one family group. Portuguese and French are romance and Latin languages.

On the contrary, Farsi and Arabic are from different groups of families that are Iranian and Semitic. Specifically, Farsi is not from a separate language group. However, it is from a separate language family.

Arabic is from the Afro-Asiatic family whereas Farsi is from the Indo-European family. Astonishing thing is that Portuguese is also an Indo-European language but it is entirely different from Farsi

Wrapping Up

Don’t get confused by the notion that if you learn Farsi, you can easily learn Arabic. Learning Arabic takes more time than learning Farsi. Therefore, if you want to communicate with the Middle East market, then you must go for Arabic translation services. Farsi is an easy language to learn but if you still find it difficult then Farsi translation will be a great help for you.

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