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Why Invest in 1947  Housing Society

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1947  Housing Society is an upscale housing development called Islamabad situated there. Despite sacrificing the living standard or the infrastructure work, the planning process must satisfy the requirements of the residential complex. Furthermore, Pakistani architecture would provide technological infrastructure assistance as a component of the 1947 new housing.

The citizens of the entire nation can use the beautiful living environment provided by this project, which is situated in Pakistan’s capital city. The venture comprises residential and business properties because different residential and industrial requirements were considered when designed.

The builders have been able to control costs while providing better facilities than rival housing developments. Consequently, regardless of the economic situation, anyone can achieve their ambition of living in modern society.


1947 Housing society provides the most incredible “Fusion” living for its inhabitants by being ideally situated next to the M-2 motorway (Islamabad – Lahore motorway), next to massive forthcoming projects in the Capital city. Many significant place highlights are: Islamabad International Airport is 10 minutes away. Access to the twin cities quickly ideally situated along the CPEC’s Eastern Route; simple to get via the M-2’s Chakri Interchange.

Society Concept

In the past, the muhallah served as the foundational element of our community. Moreover,  It served as a hub for communal duties that encouraged helping one another out in good times. Then that would increase social dignity, a sense of safety, and a “together feeling” between its citizens.

 Unfortunately, this lovely trait has diminished over time due to some imported Western ways of life. However, this enjoyable component will be restored because “1947 Housing” is a “Fusion” residential site. Each Muhallah will have basic amenities, including a mosque, a small grocery store for household use, a medical clinic with a medical professional, a university, and other essentials right outside the entrance.


NOC Islamabad NOC is currently processing. The NOC, which confirms the development’s legality, has been an essential part of any residential building. Getting a NOC for 1947 Housing Islamabad has started, although it can be difficult and time-taking. Moreover, it is expected the venture will soon obtain its authorization.

Project Plan Of 1947 Housing Society

It is predicted that the 1947 Housing Islamabad design will offer the highest calibre of luxury accommodation at an affordable price. The residential scheme has not yet provided further details. However, it is expected that investors will be given access to a range of residential development sizes, such as 5,8, 10 Marla & 1 Kanal. There are 13 sectors of the community, labelled from Sector A to M.

1947 Housing Society Price Schedule

A payment plan is an arrangement to divide out an amount over several instalments over a predetermined period. Paying for massive or costly commodities all at once may be difficult for buyers.

Buyers could spread out the cost over several months or even years. Also, the amount may be paid out over a while in several instalments. There are numerous payment choices available. Therefore, you may decide what is suitable for you, our clients, and your business separately.

Significant Features

World-renowned urban planners designed the 1947 Housing project Plan, which features “Core Services” for both business and residential commitments:

  • Industrial areas
  • Banks
  • Markets
  • Education Institutions
  • Medical Center
  • Shopping Malls
  • Restaurants
  • Parks
  • Gym
  • Mosque
  • Horse Riding Area
  • Sport Center
  • Civic Center
  • Boating Club
  • Graveyard
  • Basic Amenities
  • Waste Management
  • Parking Areas
  • Water Filteration Plants

 Accommodations in 1947 Hosing Society

Relevant to the new facilities are available at reasonable costs at The 1947 Housing Islamabad. Any contemporary luxurious society that can be considered a whole residential complex has luxuries as a component.

The owners have set aside a sizeable amount of the property to construct parks and gardens.  As a result, the scheme is considered a much more luxurious community, filled with all the smart features and delights.

Safe Environment

The neighbourhood will provide a contemporary, ecologically responsible, connected way of life. Moreover, the close vicinity would provide a lifestyle rarely found in Pakistan’s housing estates to the environment.

Water Facility

The community has considered the needs of the locals. For this reason, vast volumes of water will be stored in reservoirs that locals will use for daily tasks. Furthermore, filtration facilities will also be a part of society to guarantee access to safe drinking water.

Healthcare Facilities

For this purpose, the owners intend to construct cutting-edge multinational healthcare facilities. Furthermore, employees and medical professionals will be available round-the-clock at the emergency department every week.

Industrial and Commerce Hub:

 The planners have considered all inhabitant requests, particularly those related to commerce and the economy. The scheme will consequently establish a vast economic area. As a result, the community can satisfy all of the community members’ business requirements.


 A housing complex offers protection. A monitoring service that properly runs attached CCTV cameras and other latest tracking devices around the clock protects individuals every day of the week. A boundary wall with flawless technology will also enclose the community to maintain a high level of protection.

Superior-Quality Road Structure

The area has a pleasant aspect attributable to the Main Boulevard and its wide, open lanes.

Main Library

What could be more soothing than strolling around a library? A central library facility is accessible within the 1947 Housing Scheme, which wasn’t the norm for several residential schemes.  Nevertheless, the 1947 Housing Scheme will provide individuals with premier research universities and libraries.


We Muslims think there will be hereafter and that mortality is a reality. However, even though we cannot prevent loved ones from dying, we can always visit their cemeteries to remember the wonderful and priceless times we had together. A cemetery is part of the 1947 Housing Scheme Islamabad Grand plan, and the architects will continue to be in charge of the cemetery’s hygienic design.


The developers anticipate that the 1947 Housing Society will receive the NOC from the Rawalpindi Development Authority shortly. Therefore, the most secure investment currently is in this residential scheme. Buyers should gain as much knowledge as possible about this housing complex and how necessary NOC is before investing in any residential property. Additionally, no one should ever feel forced to produce a poor financial choice. They must be on the lookout for frauds, and bad transactions carried out in the name of property investment. To know more about 1947 housing society click on this link:

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