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What should I go for? Townhouse Vs. House

Last Updated on April 2, 2024 by Ali Hamza

Normal people, real estate investors, and property owners find it time taking and need time to think and decide which type of a house they should go for.

There are different types of houses having their advantages and disadvantages. It is quite a task for people to decide whether they should go for a house or a townhouse.

Some people find both options beneficial and choosing ones gets super stressful. You must not do the comparison to find the best instead go for the one that suits you the most.

Some people get benefit from townhouses and others don’t find single-family houses comfortable. There is no need to fuss things up and select the wrong option for yourself in panic. Relax, research, and then pay for the one best for you.

There are many similarities between a townhouse and a house, but let’s talk about the main differences they hold.

Townhouse vs. House


Townhouses consist of tiered, multidimensional, single residence structures in the form of rows which are usually attached on both sides unless you meet an end.

You can find a townhouse structures in many places around the city and they all look almost similar to villas. But in a normal house, you can find diversity in construction, architecture, and the number of stories. They are completely separated only some may be attached to a neighboring wall.


The size of a regular house could be the size of a townhouse if we talk about interior space. But there is always a lot of space on the exterior to enlarge.


 Many townhouse expansions have amenities such as courts for tennis and basketball, a pool, and a gym. These facilities are provided by the owners. Whereas, in a separate house you need to build or add in your house and have to manage maintenance budget too all on your own.


One of the benefits of a townhouse is you don’t have to pay a lot for maintenance and the exterior the developers take care of the amenities just like if you own a house in park view Islamabad. Those who own a house know well how expensive and back-breaking is maintenance.  

You must read your agreement before buying any type of house anywhere. You must know what repairing and maintenance elements are covered and what is on you. For example, wall repair or lawn maintenance can come in any category.


Well, real estate prices are available online but in comparison, townhouses are much more affordable than detached homes of equal size and design.


If you have a defined aesthetic sense and love changing your décor more often then a townhouse is not for you as you would be needing approval for even a minor thing like putting up a painting on your door. But if you get a house on your own you have all the choice and space to do what you wish.

In a townhouse, you will have to listen to the noise and shared spaces as well because of attached walls but in a separate house, there is personal space and privacy to relish.

Now the question arises that which house is yours. Let me tell you that many factors like your financial budget and lifestyle matter while selecting one.

Homes are the option if:

  • You love your privacy and live in your aesthetic decisions.
  • You have the finance to buy it.
  • You want to make an investment and wait for RIO.

Townhomes are the option if:

  •  You’re buying a home for the first time.
  •  Want an affordable option.
  • Don’t want to splurge in maintenance at all.

In Conclusion

Choosing between the two options is your choice of selecting ownership of your house for you. A townhouse is perfect than living in an apartment, allowing you to have much more space along with amenities in affordable options.

On the other hand, it may not feel right too, many people to live in a compact, close place attached to neighbors.  

Then comes some buyers who want to increase the value of the house with time so they opt for a separated house.

If you still can’t decide I will suggest you visit a good real estate agency like Arkaa and seek professional help to help you decide the best for you.

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