Updated Movies On Netflix, Hulu, And Other Streaming Services

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August has arrived and there are many new movies on major streaming services. It can be difficult to keep up with what’s new on your favorite streaming service. This list is updated each week to make sure you have the latest (or old) movies worth your time. Continue reading to see the top new movies you can stream right now on Netflix, Hulu, and Prime.

List of Updated Movies

Find below the films that are recently added to Netflix, HBO, and other streaming apps.

Men in Black (1997)

While all three Men In Black movies can be viewed on Netflix now, neither sequel is as good. Men In Black is still a blockbuster almost three decades after its original release thanks to a combination of solid late-90s special effects and delightful odd-couple comedy between Tommy Lee Jones & Will Smith.

Agent K (Jones), a veteran of a government agency that is so secretive even high-ranking officials don’t know it: Men In Black. This agency is responsible for maintaining secrecy about the Earth’s extensive extraterrestrial presence. K hires James Edwards (Smith), a New York City cop, as a replacement. Edward, now Agent J, has to adjust quickly because an invasive alien species known only as a bug has landed on the planet. This film is also available on the Cinema HD app.

8 Mile (2002)

It’s as provocative and entertaining as it is insightful, telling the semi-autobiographical tale of the rise of rapper Eminem from Detroit’s trailer parks to his success as a hip-hop superstar. Jimmy Smith Jr. (Eminem), is following his dreams in Detroit’s underground music scene. But, between his intractable stage fright and being the only white man in the club, he’s not exactly succeeding. But he finds his voice through determination, willpower, and the support of his community.

Shania Twain: More than a Girl (2022).

Shania Twain, a country music legend, is featured prominently in this Netflix original documentary. It is the most honest and direct account of her life. Twain is prominently featured in this film, which depicts her rise from a Nashville newcomer to an international, genre-transcending star despite many setbacks. The documentary also features Avril, Bo Derek, Diplo, and other prominent musicians. You can watch this movie free of cost on the Bee TV app now.

The Gray Man (2022).

Ryan Gosling plays the role of the CIA’s most skilled operative. This action thriller is from the Russo Brothers. No one knows the identity of Court Gentry (Gosling), but he is a highly talented and dangerous man. Gentry accidentally discovers confidential information that could endanger the agency’s credibility. A former colleague with schizophrenia puts a bounty on him. Court now has to evade a global hunt and defend himself with all means.

The Sea Beast (2022).

Karl Urban (The Boys), plays the role of Jacob Holland in this animated adventure movie. He is a legendary sea monster hunter and is well-known for his abilities. A young girl named Maisie becomes his friend and embarks on an epic adventure that will forever change Jacob’s life. The movie began streaming on Tuesday and has been well received by theater critics. Jared Harris (Chernobyl), Marianne Jean-Baptiste (“Blindspot, Homecoming”), Dan Stevens (“Downton Abbey”), and Kathy Burke (“Absolutely Fabulous”) are among the talented voices.

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