Roblox: 10 Best Battle Games

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Roblox has something for everyone, and who doesn’t enjoy Battles? Everyone has different gaming interests, which is why Roblox has something for everyone. Battle games are a popular genre because players of all ages enjoy the thrill of combat.

Top 10 Roblox Battle Games

The following are the top 10 Roblox Battle Games:

  1. Weapon Fighting Simulator
  2. Anime Dimensions
  3. Anime Fighters Simulator
  4. Criminality
  5. Super Power Fighting Simulator
  6. Muscle Legends
  7. Bleeding Blades
  8. Westbound
  9. War Simulator
  10. Phantom Forces

Weapon Fighting Simulator

Weapon Fighting Simulator is one of Roblox’s most popular games in 2022. It does exactly what it says on the tin: you gain access to a variety of weapons and then must fight with them. In PvP, defeat NPCs, bosses, and even other players, then upgrade your gear with even more iconic and unique weapons.

 Anime Dimensions

Anime Dimensions is another class Roblox game that transports you to various anime worlds with characters you can unlock (and fight!) in each. Explore the worlds of your favorite anime characters, including Naruto, Bleach, and others. This year, it’s really taken off, and it gets a lot of regular updates. Definitely on par with the best.

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Anime Fighters Simulator

The most recent update (update 9) to Anime Fighters introduced a new island, 16 brand-new fighters, and significant balance changes that make the game more enjoyable to play. There’s a reason why the game currently has over 150,000 players!

Other changes include a stat reroll system, the ability to pause ongoing boosts, and some brand new massive raids that can be completed to earn shards. If you haven’t already played Anime Fighters Simulator, now is the time.


Criminality, a free-roaming battle game set in a futuristic setting, is one of the most popular and well-rated Roblox games available right now. In the game, there are some advanced combat mechanics, cool weapons, and plenty of other cool things to discover.

It’s frequently updated (the game is still in Beta), so you can always check back for new weapons and gear.

Super Power Fighting Simulator

This is one of the older fighter games on this list, but it still receives updates on a regular basis. Its most recent updates include some brand-new rare items, one-of-a-kind transformations (how your character gains superpower abilities), and some new skills that you can learn while playing.

It frequently reaches 2,000 or 3,000 players at its peak, but it has maintained a popularity rating of more than 90%. As a result, it is one of the highest-rated games on this list. You should definitely check it out if you a) like superheroes and b) enjoy fighting them.

Muscle Legends

You must train to become the best in Muscle Legends as you work to unlock new gyms and a slew of pets. There are dumbbells, treadmills, and so much more to train your body to be amazing so you can win all of your brawls, even against slanders.

Your fists are all you need to win fights in Muscle Legends as you smash your way through the competition with your strength.

Professional gamers are almost certainly familiar with Roblox music codes. This allows you to play games while listening to music in the background. Changing the sounds or music in any game can be a completely new experience.

Bleeding Blades

Bleeding Blades is a new battle game that is currently in Alpha testing. It draws heavily on the Mount and Blade franchise, as well as games like Chivalry. You command a medieval warrior armed with a variety of weapons. Furthermore, the game looks fantastic.


Westbound is still in beta, but it will transport you back to the Wild West. You can buy weapons, mine for ore, and even rob banks to earn money to buy upgrades.

There’s so much to do that you’ll never get bored as you prove to the other cowboys that you’ve got what it takes.

 War Simulator

War Simulator takes you on a variety of battle adventures spanning history, so there’s always something new to enjoy. You will be armed with a weapon and will be able to collect funds to travel to different eras such as medieval, colonial, or modern times.

Phantom Forces

Phantom Forces has been visited over one billion times, with thousands of players online at any given time. It is similar to Call of Duty in that you are thrown into a match with other teammates with the goal of eliminating your opponents.

You can switch out your weapons as you level up, and winning games requires the use of strategies.


There are several games that allow you to put your skills to the test while battling monsters, other players, and a variety of other things.


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