8 Tips to Make Your Travel Within the USA Safe

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Have you booked your flight and packed your bags already but are fearing that the Omicron subvariant might ruin your plans? Canceling your travel plans might seem unfathomable at this point.

Over the years, we have certainly learned so much about this virus and how to keep ourselves from spreading the infection to others — and from catching the infection itself. Plus, staying at home spending quality time with family, and making the most of offers like reasonable Spectrum internet cost certainly helped us get through the quarantine period. But, it’s time for a getaway, perhaps a local trip, if not international.

The good news is you can safely travel within the country if you take certain precautions. Let’s check them out:

1: Get a Booster Shot

You should be fine if you are vaccinated as well as boosted, and you are careful when you step into congregate settings such as an airport.

There is a “significant difference in severity risk” between “a vaccinated and boosted person who has an infection and someone who has never been vaccinated. Hence, if you are not boosted and you have been planning to travel, get yourself a shot.

2: Learn About the COVID Rates Before Traveling

Even if you’ve been vaccinated, you should still check COVID-19 levels in the region you are planning to travel to. You’re more likely to get COVID-19 if they’re high, though these so-called breakthrough infections are usually moderate.

Vaccination protects people well, but it isn’t 100 percent effective. Even if you have received a booster shot, you must observe precautions. Choose your methods of transport wisely.

If you’re flying, training, or busing from an area where COVID-19 is common, the chances of a passenger near you or your group becoming infected will be high. While federal orders mandate that everyone on public transportation wear a mask, not everyone follows the norm. It’s best if you book an uber for traveling. Don’t even think about carpooling. You never know if the stranger you are sharing the ride with is already infected.

3: Invest in a Quality Facemask

In this omicron era, when you are traveling, you must invest in a high-quality face mask. You need N95 and KN95 masks since they are 95 percent more effective at filtering our virus than cloth masks, which are only 37 percent effective.

For extra protection, CDC recommends wearing two marks. You can wear a disposable mask underneath and top it up with a fabric mask.

4: Don’t Get Too Obsessed with Cleaning

If you are vaccinated, you can vacation like usual. You don’t have to obsess with cleaning. It is perfectly alright to stay in a regular hotel room. There is no need to limit yourself to an isolated rental home.

While you are staying at a hotel, you don’t have a clean the doorknobs, light switches, and other objects. You are unlikely to contract the virus this way. Of course, there is no harm in taking extra precautions if you are not fully vaccinated. In that case, ventilate the room by opening the windows.

5: Avoid Standing in a Crowd

When traveling, there is a possibility you aren’t sure where you are going. Don’t just stand there, keep walking. Keep an eye on the people around you. If you find someone sneezing, maintain a safe distance.

6: Use Rapid Tests

Consider rapid tests your friend when it comes to protecting against the spread of diseases. Even if it’s a gathering of small people, take a rapid test. They are fairly simple and highly accurate.

Let’s say you are traveling for the same business and you have to attend a party or meet with a few guests. It is recommended to take a rapid test 1 to 2 hours before you meet a bunch of people or go to an event. Make sure there’s ventilation in the room where you get together.

7: Observe Preauction While You Are at the Airport

Experts say that it is not during the light that you have to watch out for the transmission of the virus. In reality, the riskiest part of your air travel is the time before and after the flight. The wait you wait in the terminal before the boarding is the most vulnerable period.

Keep your facemask on, sanitize your hands, avoid physical contact and maintain social distance. Don’t pull your mask down not even while aboard.

8: Don’t Forget Your Proof of Vaccination

You will need your vaccination card even if you are traveling domestically. Make sure you carry a picture of your vaccination card on your phone. Because the card can be lost, torn, or go through the wash with your clothes.

Lastly, Know When Not to Travel

There are situations when you shouldn’t be traveling. Let’s review them as well:

If you have been exposed to the virus unless you have recovered

In case you are sick

If you tested positive for the virus and your isolation period hasn’t ended

If you are waiting for your COVID test results

Safe travels!

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