Top 10 Companies That Manufactured Mailer Boxes In The USA

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Did you know that the US is the second largest paper maker in the world? With such a rich history of shipping and delivery, it makes sense that so many large mailer boxes were made right here, in the USA. Mailer boxes are an essential part of mailing operations. They are a box that you will send your pieces to the post office and they will put them on the truck for delivery.

 It sounds so simple but if you do any research, you will find mailer boxes have a variety of configurations, are made by multiple companies, and are required to have a specific level of security. While there are a number of American companies that manufactured custom mailer boxes wholesale , there are 10 companies that really stood out.

If you’re looking to create a custom printed mailer box, this article will point you in the right direction as these are the top 10 companies that manufacture mailboxes in the US.

International Paper Company:

International Paper Company based in Tennessee, is one of the best manufacturers of mailer boxes. This company makes mailer boxes out of recycled materials. They have a wide range of options to choose from. They offer a complete line of business and consumer packaging products for different needs and occasions such as; office supplies, home and personal care, healthcare and food storage.

Georgia-Pacific LLC:

Georgia-Pacific LLC based in Georgia, is one of the most popular and largest paper mills in the United States. It is not unusual for the business to need custom mailer boxes, But boxes must be carefully manufactured to ensure that they are functional and untrustworthy to the task at hand. If a business needs boxes, Georgia-Pacific LLC is one of the best manufacturers. The company has been in operation for decades and has proven to be reliable.

WestRock Company:

WestRock Company based in Georgia, is one of the leading companies in America. They provide its clients with the best mailer boxes that are manufactured under strict quality standards. They use quality raw materials and advanced technology to manufacture these custom mailer boxes. Their clients can avail these boxes for both business and domestic purposes. They can get custom boxes wholesale from the company at a reasonable price.

Packaging Corporation Of America

Packaging Corporation Of America provides mailing boxes in the United States. Their services include gift packaging, retail packaging and custom printed mailer boxes. They are also known for the printed cartons and plastic mailers. The company was founded in 1939 by Alford Ritter. It has its headquarters in Pennsylvania, United States.


while there are many manufacturers of mailer boxes nowadays, CBH is the best manufacturer of this product. The reason behind that is that the production department of the company ensures quality of the product is not compromised. They make custom mailer boxes of all kinds, it is known that fulfilling clients’ demands is always the company’s priority.

Associated Bag

One popular choice for custom mailer boxes is Associated Bags based in Wisconsin. When you’re looking for mailer boxes you need to ensure that the product you get is of good quality. Associated Bag will make sure that the product you get is of top-notch quality as they’ve been in business for several years now.

Western Container Company

Western container company is located in Wisconsin, USA. They have been in business for more than 70 years and have an excellent reputation. Their mission statement is to be a leading manufacturer of corrugated packaging products for the transportation and storage industry through superior service, quality, on-time delivery and value added innovation.

Emenac Packaging

Emenac Packaging covers their boxes with high-quality adhesive that makes them strong enough to withstand heavy impacts during transit. These adhesives are water resistant, and they are also free of formaldehyde and chlorine. The custom mailer boxes come with a tear strip that you can use to open the package quickly and easily when you need it most.

Deluxe Packaging, Inc

Deluxe Packaging Inc is a leading manufacturer of corrugated boxes, shipping boxes and packaging supplies located in New Jersey, USA. They provide the highest quality shipping supplies and accessories at competitive prices designed to meet you in the. With their expertise and experience they can assist you with all your needs.

Larsen Packaging Products, Inc

Larsen Packaging Products Inc located in Illinois, USA offers all types of packaging products, including shipping cartons, retail displays, corrugated boxes, industrial packaging products, warehouse fixtures and pallets, plastic bags and inserts, shipping tubes and mailing envelopes. They also provide customized solutions in corrugated box design, printing, folding and assembly.

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