The Power House of Men’s Leggings & Tights – Matador Meggings

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Fashion has historically been defined by stereotypical ideas of masculinity and femininity, which tend to unfairly box people into their genders. We are limited by how our demographics are valued, which causes us to internalize our stereotypes.

Until recently, men were, and to an extent still are, being evaluated for their physical prowess and the age-old, rigid notions of masculinity guiding people’s behaviors. Men are humiliated when they choose to dress or act like a woman. Interestingly, society has come a long way for women.

The freedom to be noticed without judgment in attires earlier only meant for men, like jogging shorts, trousers, or collared shirts and suits at the workplace, has permeated the women’s clothing industry today. It has almost been normalized completely, barring some of the world’s underdeveloped nations, but the same freedom hasn’t been extended to men yet. Men’s fashion is still making baby steps.

Matador Meggings challenges these norms by making clothes meant for exercise and high-performance activities while making them look hip and sexy at the same time. How you dress and behave is extremely important to many people around you because it influences how you are perceived. Men have been limited in fashioning themselves regarding athleisure wear, and that’s where Matador Meggings steps in.

Bullfighters, also known as matadors, undoubtedly represent what the traditional idea of raw masculinity embodies but the element of grace and poise they possess is an integral part of their identity. The fact that they dedicated their lives to a death-defying sport but did it wearing tights is a personal statement. Matador Meggings’ founder, Valentine Aseyo, chooses not to overlook the significance of this fluidity as most of us would. He has deliberately chosen the image of a matador for the brand to challenge these normative ideas.

Even though the world has progressed beyond traditional portrayals of what masculinity should look like, the matador still stands as the epitome of unquestionable courage with grace. With the matadors of the past as inspiration, the vision is to encourage the matadors of today not to compromise because of society’s stereotypical expectations of them but to express themselves in the way they want with the clothing they want. The idea is to question why masculinity cannot be defined through bold and bright-colored compression tights. You decide what you wear.

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The Power House of Men’s Leggings & Tights - Matador Meggings

Matador Meggings’ compression tights and shorts are engineered specifically for the male anatomy. It holds the option to choose above all parameters. The choice is the first step of empowerment. One of the main reasons why men wear uncomfortable clothing and avoid wearing compression tights is the VPL, also known as the Visible Penis Line. For many men, it’s a point of discomfort for their clothing to reveal their privates. Matador provides a soft, modesty cup inside their meggings to conceal that, and if you’re comfortable with your body or in a private space, it gives you a choice to remove it easily too. They even have an inner drawstring to choose how tight you want them to be and a non-slip waistband to avoid embarrassment.

Meggings offer everything that other athletic wear doesn’t. Matador Meggings has re-engineered athleisure clothing for the modern man in a way where compression leggings are suitable for daily wear. There’s no need to compromise on comfort or style for functionality. You can have it all.

Phones are an extension of our existence as human beings now. Life is unimaginable without them in this digital world that we’re living in. Because functionality is one of their top priorities, they provide an open pocket for your phone and a zipper pocket for your valuables. They even added a loop in the back to hang your towel or your wet t-shirt. They use sweat-wicking fabric that is made to last long. It has 80% polyester and 20% lycra and can stretch four ways to resist wear and tear. Gone are the days when you’d have to return home right after the gym because of your boring pants. You can run errands and make a trip to the mall on your way back when you’re donning fashionable leggings with cool prints.


The Power House of Men’s Leggings & Tights - Matador Meggings

Well, we all know about the amount of flexibility compression tights can provide. There’s a reason why they were mainly worn by gym goers and athletes till recently, but agility is what they offer on the surface level. In case you didn’t know, “compression” helps increase your blood flow and is beneficial for maintaining good cardiac health. Did you know that meggings can help you recover from an injury faster? That’s right.

They help you stretch your body and elevate your performance so you can push your limits while doing strenuous activities like weight lifting or long-distance cycling. They help oxygenate your muscles and keep you from getting fatigued easily as they are featherweight. Moreover, the removable modesty cup does provide additional groin support during exercises if you need it. All  this, and it looks fun too! Who wouldn’t want it?  


The Power House of Men’s Leggings & Tights - Matador Meggings

With the increasingly dominant presence of fluid fashion in pop culture and our daily lives, men aren’t restricted to old norms of masculinity. It’s high time we reorient our perceptions and help push the boundaries of what people can wear. Fluid fashion was born out of the urge to blur the masculine-feminine division and dismantle those labels. It’s your body, so your clothing should be of your choosing too. Skilled craftsmanship coupled with aesthetics is the dish of the day. So, durable and vibrant-looking men’s leggings and compression tights made with functionality in mind and zero compromises on style or comfort are the solutions. With their visionary innovation and their vast array of products like leggings, shorts, tank tops, and fashionable biker gear they offer, Matador Meggings stands tall as a formidable powerhouse in the men’s leggings and tights industry today and are here to stay as they keep instilling the “fun” in functional.

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