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The Guide to Shiva Lingas

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Is Shiva Linga a myth? Parad Shiva Linga is what? How about Black Shiva Linga? Continue reading to learn more. Here is a guide to Shiva Lingas and their meanings. Learn about all the types of Shiva Lingas: the Parad Linga (Black Shiva Linga), Swayambu and the Parad Linga. Here are some things to know if you’re searching for a Shiva Linga to enhance your home. Find more at healingpro.

Black Shiva Linga

The Black Shiva Lingam, which Goddess Parvati worshipped in ancient India was called the Parvati. The lingam is a stone egg-shaped crystalline form that contains protective energies. This form of Shiva used to only be found in temples. It is now used to meditate and charge the chakras. The healing effects of the Black Shiva Linga include inner transformation, awakening Kundalini energies and increasing one’s sense of unity. Black Shiva Linga is also effective in treating impotence and infertility.

Parad Shiva Linga

Parad Shiva Linga, an emblem of Hindu worship, is the Parad Shiva Linga. According to Hindu mythology, it can protect a person from negative energies, black magic, evil eye effects and even remove ill effects from past lives. It is believed that if you place a Parad Shiva Linga in your home, it will bring you good luck, success, fame and knowledge. What is the significance of this linga? Here is a brief explanation of its significance and benefits.


The name “Veerabhadra” is a metaphor for knowledge and is used in the text to explain how the deity destroys the sacrifice of Daksha. The word “Daksha” is related to the concept of sacrifice as it refers to actions carried out by the indrIyas on command of the mind. The Hindu tradition refers to “Prajapati”, which is the mind. Check out Shiva lingam healing properties.


Swayambhu Linga temples are sites of reverence in India. The representations of Shiva at these temples are said to have arisen independently of each other in the primordial past. The text of the Jirnoddharadasakam lists sixty-eight temples, and Gopinatha Rao listed a further seventeen. According to cultural anthropologist Martin Gray, who has visited more than 1500 sites of religious significance around the world, this is the most comprehensive guide to the world’s most important sacred sites.

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The lingam (also spelled linga) is a Hindu votary object and symbol of the god Shiva. The lingam is found in India’s Shaivite religious religion. There are two types of lingams: cala lingas, which are made from eight metals, and ratnaja lingas, which are made of precious stones, pearls, or coral. There are also ten kinds of sthavara lingams, which represent the regenerative power of the gods, or Shiva and Shakti.

Natural lingas

The Natural Lingas of Shiva Lingham are the perfect way to show your spirituality. The sacred stones carved into these idols represent the male and female energies. They are formed by a meteorite impact 14 million years ago. The community leaders only collect this type of stone once per year on a specific day. They are powerful stones that can help you spiritually grow.

Ratnaja Lingam

Linga Purana is an ancient Hindu scripture that describes the Linga energy as being the primordial energy of nature, truth and knowledge. If a Shivalinga is worshipped, it invokes the energy of the divinity male and female. This results in instant prosperity and good fortune. A devotee can also be guided by the lingam on their spiritual journey. This article will explore the various forms and meanings of the Shiva Linga and the reasons for worshipping it.

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