Impactful Steps To Take Your Product Launch Events Online

You can create a successful virtual launch event with great features and functionalities. Moreover, you will need the right tools and implementations for your virtual event platform. You have to develop a list of requirements taking pointers from speakers and sponsors and keeping all the attendees in mind.

Creating the right way for an event launch may sound hard and technical. You can host networking, engaging, and communicative events with the following steps.

5 Impactful Steps To Take Your Launch Events Online Effortlessly!

1. Choose the Right Virtual Product Launch Event Platform

The first thing that you need is the top virtual launch platform. You can get a lot of solutions available online. But you have to compare and choose the best virtual event platform with exceptional features and functionalities. Here are some elements that you must consider while selecting the solution.

  • Standard Microsite
  • Browser-Based Solutions
  • Custom Environment
  • Easy Navigation
  • DIY Booth Button Icons And Names
  • Dynamic Banners Functionality
  • Seamless Networking
  • Enticing Engagement
  • Conscientious Communication
  • Notifications
  • Access Control
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Real-Time Technical Help
  • Attendee Footprint
  • Detailed Analytics and Reports

2. Make It a Virtual Experience to Remember

You can make your virtual launch event memorable in various ways. But the easiest way is to add some unique technology to your event. Therefore, the virtual product launch platform offers the immersive features that can be beneficial to make your event memorable, such as:

AR Photobooth:

You can add an AR photo booth to your virtual brand launch platform. Attendees will be able to take various selfies using the different backgrounds provided by the hosts. They can download and even upload these photos on social media. Additionally, they can create a gif using the AR photo booth. It arranges all the photographs and creates a GIF for attendees.

AI Matchmaking Tool:

The virtual brand launch platform gives the AI matchmaking tool to make friends, even during online events. Artificial intelligence observes the data provided by the users and matches it with other attendees. It creates a match between people with similar interests and sends notifications during the virtual event. They can connect and communicate with each other just like a physical event.

3. Keep It Interactive and Entertaining

The hard part of a virtual event is to provide the attendee’s communication and entertainment. But if you choose the best virtual launch platform, you can get the best features that will be helpful in boosting the leisure time for your virtual event.

External Integrations:

The best virtual product launch platform provides the live chat, audio, and video call option for 1:1 or group communication. Also, you can integrate the external interaction plugins to your virtual events, such as WhatsApp, BlueJeans, Zoom Meeting, and many more.


You can add more than 100 AR/VR games to your virtual product launch platform. All the attendees can play and enjoy your virtual launch event. You can increase the entertainment using this gamification functionality for your virtual event.

Heart, Thumbs Up, and Emoticons:

Attendees may find it boring to sit and just watch the screen for hours. So, you can provide the emoticons and heart or thumbs up button to make the sessions more entertaining and interactive. Participants can encourage the speakers to use these emoticons and stay entertained during the entire event.

Clap & Hoot Sounds:

Everyone misses the hooting and clapping of an event. So, you can use the technology and make it come to your virtual launch event as well. In short, the attendees will be able to create clapping and hooting sounds during the virtual session. It will be entertaining for both the speakers and the participants.

Live Performances:

You can also add various live performances at your virtual event. It can be any dancing, singing, comedy or other kinds of concert. It will keep your audience entertained and stay at your virtual event for more fun.

4. Provide Networking Opportunities at Your Event Strategically

You have to keep various features that can be helpful in generating better networking opportunities in your virtual event. The top virtual product launch platform provides different networking elements such as:

B2B Meeting Scheduler:

Attendees can talk with speakers or hosts even before the virtual event via the pre-meeting scheduler. They can discuss and ask if they have any questions about the event topic, product, or any other of your service.

Networking Tables:

You can invite the attendees to join the networking table, a round-shaped table with 2 to 8 seating capabilities. They can ask questions from the attendees, speakers, and hosts and also share their own opinions.

Business Card Exchange:

Everyone can exchange business cards with anyone at the virtual event. They can send requests to the other person and wait until they approve. The user can view or download the business card without hassle as soon as the request is approved.

5. Be Extra Active Online During the Product Launch Event

You have to be present at every place where required. Moreover, you will need to create a good team who can be available at your brand booth. Attendees will try to reach out and contact you through various chat and calling options. So, you have to make the booth representatives available to reply to the attendees. Stay online before, during, and after the event as well to respond to all the leads you get.

6. Don’t Forget to Take Follow-Up from Your Attendees!

You have to make the attendees feel special by asking their opinion and view about your conducted virtual launch event. Moreover, you can create a separate button, make it appear on the screen as soon as your virtual event ends, or send feedback emails to everyone. You have to collect their reviews in order to use their suggestions in your next event. Also, you can make them feel special by asking their opinion.

So, these are the various steps that can be impactful for hosting a successful virtual product launch. You can follow and consider this process for your event.

I hope, you will find this article beneficial to taking your virtual event online.

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