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Getting Ready For Spring Lawn Care

Last Updated on April 1, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

While we welcome spring and warm weather, we’re also preparing for spring backyard cleaning. Lawn care is very important this time of the year so it’s important to take care of it properly and as soon as possible so that your backyard will be ready for sunny days. Here is how to properly maintain the lawn.

Declutter the space

The first and most important step you should take is to declutter the space in your backyard. Before getting ready to mow the lawn, water it, and maintain it, you should make sure that all of the potential clutter is out of the way. For instance, make you any smaller gardening tools aren’t just lying around in taller grass areas that you might have missed picking up from the ground. Are there any toys your kids may have left lying around too? Make sure your backyard is also organized so that you have a clean start and a blank slate you can work on easily.

Rake it thoroughly

The next thing you want to do is go through your entire backyard and rake it thoroughly. All you need for this job is really just a gravel or leaf rake. There are probably tons of old, crunchy, or soaked up leaves just lying around the backyard creating a whole mess. Raking the lawn properly will help set the ground for the rest of the work you need to do in your backyard to maintain your lawn. So, make sure to get rid of all the leaves and softer bumps that may have been caused on the surface of the ground during harsh winter days.

Mow the lawn

Now that you have successfully gotten rid of the clutter and the dead leaves, you can move on to mowing the lawn. If you have a bigger backyard this may be a bit of a time-consuming job but it is so worth it. At the end of the day, your lawn will look so neat, fresh and well-taken care of simply because you took the time to trim it and mow it properly.

Water it regularly

Whether you only have lawn or flower beds and a garden in your backyard, watering is a necessary activity. You want your lawn and your flowers to keep looking fresh and striving. Now that the warmer weather is just around the corner, plants need that extra hydration more than ever. If your backyard is on the bigger side, using a water hose alongside a high-quality garden hose reel can be the best, quickest and most effective way in which you can water your backyard.

Prepare the soil

If you plan on renewing your lawn or maybe planting flowers or even building a little garden of your own with veggies and fruits, this is very important. Before you start doing any gardening work in your backyard, you need to prepare the land. You have to research what kind of plants, flowers, veggies, and fruits are suitable for your garden. Every plant needs a different kind of soil so that it can thrive and be healthy. Basically, your job is first to secure the healthy conditions in the ground where you intend to plant the seeds. There are different types of soils and different ways you can prepare and improve the soil for the plants of your choice. Once the soil is favorable for the plants you can start planting and taking good care of your garden babies.

Get the right gardening equipment

If you plan to take extra lawn care of your background other than just maintaining and watering the lawn, you need a set of gardening tools or equipment that will help you maintain the lawn. Even if it’s just a lawn, you still need a water hose, a rake, and other basic tools for maintaining the lawn and keeping it fresh and healthy. If you plan to upgrade your garden collection and go for planting flowers, veggies, or fruits, you will need even more than that. Here are some of the most essential gardening tools you will need for your lovely garden:

  • Gloves – They will help keep your hands protected while you work so they should be durable.
  • Pruning shears – they will help you maintain and control the plants that are getting out of control.
  • Loppers – They are like long-handled pruners and they can trim hard-to-reach areas and cut thicker branches.
  • Garden fork – They are used for turning soil.
  • Hand trowel – They are great for transplanting bedding plants and herbs, taking out weeds, and planting containers, and taking out weeds.
  • Spade – They will help you dig holes, for plants, edging, lift sod, and move small mounds of dirt from one spot to another.


Overall, maintaining the lawn boils down to getting rid of the clutter, mowing the lawn regularly, and watering it frequently. On top of that, if you want to enrich your beautiful backyard with some colorful flowers and delicious fruits and veggies, these are easy tips on how to maintain them as well. To find out more about Melbourne turf supplies check out Lilydale Instant lawn.

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