Rudn enclave NOC approved or not, guide 2023

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Rudn enclave is set to become the most luxurious housing society in Pakistan and has made its mark nationally and internationally. Along with being an ideal place to live, Rudn enclave has also emerged as the new hotspot for investors due to the high investment yield. Here are all the deets you need to know about Rudn enclave and its NOC approval.


Rudn enclave is located a short distance from Islamabad and Rawalpindi’s twin cities. It is being made on Adyala Road Rawalpindi and is a few minutes from the New Islamabad International airport. Furthermore, Rudn enclave has access to ring road Rawalpindi which allows its residents to stay connected with the rest of the city. This area has several housing societies located nearby it and is considered one of the city’s prime localities. 

Rudn enclave master plan 

The master plan of Rudn enclave has been made by NESPAK, a famous company known worldwide for its excellent planning and professional attitude. The total area spread over 3000 Kanals has been divided into blocks to make management more accessible and efficient. There are 12 residential blocks in total, and each block is responsible for providing facilities to the residents. Furthermore, a general block is kept for commercial shops and recreational areas, including a shopping mall, a cinema, and a gym.

Developers of Rudn enclave 

Rudn enclave is a joint project of RMRSCO and National engineering services Pakistan (NESPAK). Mr. Muhammad Abdullah has recently become part of this project and has contributed significantly. Mr. Muhammad Abdullah has been an urban planner for several years and has a lot of experience. He has worked on several high-profile projects and has been recognized by international construction companies as he has worked on projects in Dubai and Canada. Mr. Muhamad Abdullah specializes in Project management and strategic planning.

Facilities provided by Rudn enclave 

Rudn enclave plans on lifting the standard of housing projects in Pakistan by providing world-class facilities to its residents. Rudn enclave has educational institutions that provide high-quality education and hospitals that are modernly built and equipped with the latest technology. Furthermore, it has its water filtration plant and provides its residents with an undisrupted water supply, gas, and electricity. The housing project promises to be a gated community with 24/7 camera surveillance to ensure that society is safe.

NOC Approval of Rudn enclave 

NOC is a no-objection certificate that is given by authorities. This certificate indicates that the housing project has been made according to the standards set by law and hence stands as a legal housing society. To get a NOC, the builders have to submit the documents to the relevant authority board, who then do an inspection. If a housing project fails to get a NOC, it is regarded as illegal and demolished. Therefore, NOC is extremely important as a housing project has no future without it. The developers of the Rudn enclave have applied for a NOC through the Rawalpindi Development Authority. While they have not received one yet, they are expected to get one very soon. Therefore, it does not stand as an illegal housing society as its NOC request has not been rejected and is a safe place for investment. The developers of the Rudn enclave are respected all across Pakistan, and all their previous projects have been approved without any hassle; thus, it is safe to say the same for Rudn enclave.


Rudn enclave is aimed at being a revolutionary project that will change the structure of housing projects in Pakistan. The housing society has attracted several investors due to its futuristic approach and unique planning. Once Rudn enclave officially gets a NOC, the prices are expected to experience a surge. In today’s world, several scams and frauds are taking place, and many people end up losing their investments. However, while investing in Rudn enclave, you do not have to worry about anything. Before making any investments, it is crucial that before you do all your research. You might want to know about Kingdom Valley Islamabad. 

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