Fishing and Smoking Weed: What Pipes work Best?

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Fishing is an adventure. It is borne out of the desire to bask in the outdoors while doing what you love. Beyond just catching a fish, the beautiful, quiet hours spent by the waterside are enriching. For many stoners that love fishing, nothing compares to the pleasure of smoking your favorite weed from hand pipes while waiting for the bite. 

Anglers on adventure go to a great extent to catch their prey. Taking kayaks and canoes as they pursue a catch with adrenaline-pumping excitement is something every fisherman can relate with. 

Whether you prefer the heady adventure that involves going into the deep, angry oceans or frozen lakes to pursue a catch or you want to sit quietly by the lake with a reel and a rod for the prey, adding a generous packed bowl of your favorite herb in a pipe is a special way to enjoy your fishing adventure.

Fishing and Smoking Weed: What Pipes work Best?

What Pipes are the Best for Smoking Weed while Fishing?

Fishing is an outdoor event. So, any hand pipes that work outdoors will mostly work for fishing. However, there are dynamics to them and the choice is yours. From the one-hitter that just gets you in the mood to the award-winning designs that lets you pack a couple of punches while waiting for your prey, you can be sure to find amazing collections of pipes to choose from. 

If concentrates are your thing, you are sure to find dab rigs that will suit your outdoor need without any issue. In this part, we will look at some great hand pipes and bongs that you will deliver multiple rips while fishing. Let us check them out.

Sherlock Hand Pipe

If you take a moment to conjure an image of the literary character, Sherlock Holmes, you can see why this device comes on the list. It is easy to picture Sherlock holding a pipe to his mouth with one hand and holding a rod with the second as he patiently waits for a catch. Sherlock hand pipes come in different designs and materials. 

You can consider a glass hand pipe for your outdoor activity. For a start, it is stylish and nice to flaunt when you are with your friends. It is also highly durable, so you do not have to worry that it will break while using it outdoors. It is made with borosilicate glass and delivers the biggest hit irrespective of where you are smoking.


A Chillum hand pipe is a great choice if you don’t want to overdo the rips and want something that will get you high enough to get in tune with nature. Although it is small, it packs a punch that will make you drip with the best hit you can imagine. If you prefer smoking your herb discreetly, this is a perfect choice.

It delivers a comfortable draw and a highly impressive performance. The portable size makes it easy to carry around and use without attracting unnecessary attraction. 

Glass Steamroller

Who says you cannot have a smooth, flavorful hit from any product of your choice? The glass steamroller delivers an exceptional experience irrespective of the product or where you are taking your weed. 

You can choose an all-natural smoked glass steamroller with an internal steamroller design that gives you smooth, flavorful, tasty rips from any product of your choice. Although it is small, you shouldn’t get fooled by the size. It delivers dense smoke, hard-hitting rips that will get you high on your fishing adventure. 

If you are on a fishing expedition with your stoner friends, the glass steamroller is a good piece to share with others. You will find the perfect design that will suit your smoking style. For outdoors, you should opt for a piece made with thing borosilicate glass. This will withstand extreme temperature and wear and tear.

Heavy Duty Spoon Hand Pipe

If you want to add a touch of sophistication and style to your outdoor smoking session, a heavy-duty spoon hand pipe would be your go-to device. For a start, it is durable and highly resilient. Made of borosilicate glass, you never have to worry about breaking it, even when you drop it by the lake while fishing. Your glass pipe will surely last a lifetime. 

Thanks to its wide bowl, you can pack a large quantity of your favorite dry herb that will last longer. The carb hole lets you pump hard on your hits as you build thick clouds. You don’t have to worry about spilling because its flat base makes loading easy and stable. This is one of the best hand pipes that work best for fishing.

Dab Rigs

Of course, if you prefer concentrates, wax, and oil to dry herbs and flowers, you can choose dab rigs. There are many outdoor options that you can find in the market. If you have friends who love dabbing coming out to fish with you, get one of the top options of dab rigs. 

While dab rigs are great for a social get-together, they are also a lot more hygienic way to consume. You can explore online headshops for an amazing piece to add to your collection. It is also a great piece to pack along when going for your next fishing expedition with friends.

Dab Rigs

Final Thoughts

While every stoner has their preference, the hand pipes highlighted in this post are a great choice for outdoors smoking. The good part is that you do not have to buy an expensive piece. There are many high-quality but affordable devices out there, including bongs, that you can order for your next fishing expedition. 

You will find numerous designs, shapes, styles, and colors that appeal to you. To make shopping easy and seamless for you, check out some of the reputable online headshops to find what you need. You can even order your herbs and other accessories alongside your smoking device.

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