Project Management Professional (PMP®) Certification & Training An Overview

PMP Certification

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A certification program provided by PMI USA for project management professionals to improve their management skills. Globally, the demand for PMP® qualification holders has grown exponentially over the last decade. Polls show that project manager salaries have also risen significantly.

Eligibility To Take The PMP Exam

  • 7,500 hours of project management
  • 35.5 Project management education time
  • You must have a four-year bachelor’s degree.
  • 4-year University
  • 4,500 hours of project management
  • 35 hours of project management training

PMP Test Format

The 2022 PMP Certification in Berlin is designed with 200 multiple-choice questions that cover the following project management stages:

  • Initiation
  • Plan
  • Execution
  • Control / Monitoring
  • Closing

Apply for the PMP® exam

Create A PMI.Org Account

Create an account on You do not need to join PMI to receive your certificate, but we recommend that you do.

Complete The Online Application

Once logged in, you will be able to access the application form online. The site asks for personal and credential information. If you don’t have time to complete it all at once, you can save your progress and see more lately. The main items are as follows.

  • Highest Education Level
  • Institution Name
  • Research Target Area
  • Country Name Of Educational Institution
  • Length of service

You will also need a document certifying that you have received 35 hours of project management training. For each course that counts as a 35-hour requirement, the following must be stated:

  • Provider
  • Date
  • Qualification
  • Experience

In this segment, start with your most fresh project. PMI does not count duplicate sections. Required for each project

  • Project name
  • Organization
  • Title
  • Report target area
  • Organization name
  • Approach (eg traditional, agile, hybrid, etc.)
  • Team size
  • Project cost
  • Project outline (200-500 characters)

Exam Outline

Set your profile here, including how your name will be displayed after you have obtained your PMP® certification. You can also enter the test location and required test equipment.

Wait For Integrity Verification.

It may take up to 5 days for PMI to review the application, approve the payment, and schedule the exam. Alternatively, you can audition within the same period.

If Audited

  • Most audits are random. If you are audited, we will notify you by email before you pay the certification fee. The audit asks you to submit the following documents.
  • A copy of your diploma (or one that is globally accepted)
  • Signature of previous project boss or manager
  • A copy of the certificate and / or letter from the training school for each course on the Project Management Education Hours Application Form.

Clearance documents must be submitted within 90 days and PMI will process the submission within 5-7 days.

Make A Payment To Qualify

Then pay for the certificate. This can be done online.

Test Preparation

  • Use the materials of PMI® Premier Authorized Training Partner.
  • Do exercises and tests as if you were studying.
  • Choose your favorite teacher.

Book (Pass) The Exam!

PMP® exams are available online and face-to-face. The exam is a 200-question selection formula.

We will inform you of the score immediately after the exam. In addition to comprehensive pass / fail judgment, we provide key diagnostic information in each field. The test report shows the performance level of one of the four domains.

Once application is approved, you can take the exam three times a year. The certificate is valid after passing the exam.

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