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Patio Coverings: Relaxing Places That Add To The Beauty Of The Home

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When the holiday season arrives, it is common for many homeowners to want to relax with their family on the terrace of their house. It is not surprising that covering the terrace is an important element of a house. Sometimes the cover of the terrace becomes one with the roof of the main house, sometimes there is also a terrace that requires a separate roof to protect it from the weather.

Besides functioning as a space to relax or do activities outside the home that is protected from hot or rainy weather, covering the terrace can also add to the beauty of the facade of your house. Here are some basics about patio coverings that are important to note.

Patio Cover Metal

The patio cover often uses metal such as aluminum, zinc, spandex or galvalum, especially because the price is very affordable. However, metal patio cover materials generally cannot dampen sound, so it will be noisy when it rains. Metal material is also not effective at retaining heat, so when it’s a hot day, the space underneath will feel hot.

Other patio covering materials that are increasingly popular are plastic-based types such as UPVC and polycarbonate. These plastic-based materials are generally lighter and more effective at dissipating heat. Polycarbonate and fiberglass are also options if you want a clear coverings that gives off a minimalist feel. For other patio coverings materials that have a clear appearance, you can choose glass material. Covering the patio from glass generally uses a type of tempered glass which is stronger than ordinary glass so it is safer.

If you want a natural touch, covering the from vines can be an option. For example, you can choose star jasmine, grapevines, begonias, trumpet plants, Boston Ivy, wisteria and others.

Patio Cover Frame

There are various materials that can be used as patio cover structures, including wood, hollow iron , brick, and even mild steel. The wood commonly used for the structure of cover is weather-resistant hardwood such as ironwood, teak, sea resin, bengkirai, sonokeling, and so on.

The patio cover frame material that is increasingly popular today is mild steel. There are several reasons that make light steel frames for patio coverings increasingly popular patio covers Los Angeles. The first is the nature of mild steel itself which is light in weight but strong and rust resistant, so you don’t have to think too much about maintenance costs. Mild steel installation is also relatively easy and fast. You can also combine it with various patio cover materials. In addition, stainless steel construction is also more affordable in terms of cost, compared to profiled steel or wood.

Considerations when installing a patio coverings

The first thing you need to pay attention to when installing a patio cover is to measure the area of ​​the coverings. This aims to minimize the risk of miscalculation in purchasing materials. Second, you need to determine the model of the patio cover you want. Finally, you also need to make a budget estimate based on the area calculation and model that you have defined. This is done so that there is no over budget in the construction process.

Patio Cover Model

There are various models of patio coverings that you can choose from. Easily, you can choose a patio cover model that looks traditional or modern. If you like the traditional model of a patio cover, present details that are reminiscent of old designs, for example a vine or floral ornament on one side. Or use a structure that is not angular, but curved in design, perhaps reminiscent of Gothic, Victorian, or other classic old styles.

Modern patio cover styles are often referred to as contemporary styles, this is probably because contemporary styles borrow many modern style details such as firm lines, prioritizing function as is commonly seen in minimalist patio cover styles. The modern style itself emerged in the 1930s to 1960s, bringing a practical and minimalist style. However, contemporary style is not limited to modern characters. You can find it mixed with various other styles, for example a patio cover with a pattern carved with laser-cut technology.

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