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Nova City Islamabad is a growing community built by Nova City developers near Islamabad. The housing society is a well-known builder of homes and is now making Nova City Housing Society Islamabad. They are known for the high quality of the infrastructure they build. It is next to the Fateh Jang Road, the Rawalpindi Ring Road, and the CPEC route. The society is making plans and setting up to offer a central location close to both Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Once the Nova City NOC is approved, it will become more popular.

The Nova City Islamabad residential scheme is being approved and greened. The Nova developers plan to open the community soon with its high-end features and low prices. This housing society hasn’t started up officially yet, but news reports say it will soon. Before you study more, let me tell you what you need to know about Nova City’s NOC. The approval of the NOC for Nova City is in the works.

Where is Nova City in Islamabad?

Nova City Islamabad is one of the best places in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. It is next to the recently proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road and CPEC route, a prime location. The main gate leads to Ring Road, and on the other side, there are social connections with CPEC. Nova City is close to the CPEC route and almost close to the new Islamabad International Airport.

The location is in the middle, so people can quickly get from Islamabad and Rawalpindi. It only takes a few minutes to drive to the New Islamabad International Airport. Because the airport is close to the city, it is convenient for people who travel often.

Nova City No Objection Certificate (NOC)

NOC is the most important thing for any housing society or investor to think about. When NOC is accepted, it gives a housing society more power and builds trust in the community and developers. Nova City has already gotten Planning Permission from Fateh Jang TMA, and they are in the process of getting their final NOC approval. Of course, it hasn’t been approved by the proper authorities yet, but the Planning Permission approval shows that it’s well on its way.

The TMA has already given Planning Permission PP-1 to Nova City Islamabad. The No Objection Certificate shows that the government has permitted the developers to build their projects. In simple terms, PP-1 is a vital sign that the government (TMA) will soon give Nova City Islamabad a legal NOC.

When the NOC is approved, the builders will be able to legally open Nova City Housing Society in Islamabad, where they will treat everyone with kindness. However, the organization’s advertising period hasn’t started yet because the NOC process is still ongoing.

Nova City NOC approval Importance

The Nova City NOC is an integral part of figuring out how well the society will do. The NOC approval is one of the first things a potential investor will look for because it makes the housing project seem more real.

A NOC approval says that the housing society is allowed to get basic facilities by the local government. These could be things like water, gas, electricity, and sanitation. The Nova City NOC gives the project the green light by showing that TMA has reviewed the file tracking process.

So, once you’ve paid the down payment for your plot, the TMA will keep an eye on it and check the status of the file to make sure nothing goes wrong. In addition, the NOC approval helps bring more clarity to the real estate market as a whole.

Also, before a NOC is given, TMA will look at the payment plan and project plan to ensure that the investors don’t lose money.

Residential plots

The following residential plots are for sale:

  1. 5 Marla
  2. 10 Marla
  3. 1 Kanal
  4. 2 Kanal

Services and Facilities

Nova City Islamabad is close to many things that are important for a comfortable life. So that traffic can move quickly throughout society, a whole system of roads is put in place. Electricity is always there. Aside from that, there is a large sports complex and many places for families to go. Also, having a solid link to CPEC Route Nova City will bring many other benefits in the years to come.

1- The power grid

2- System for clean water

3- Club for the community

4- Places for education and health care

5-A place to play football

6 – Safety

7- Sui gas

8- Community with Gates

9- Hospital with Staff with Lots of Experience

10- Parks

11- A place for sports

12- Tennis courts

13-Waste Management

14- Cricket grounds in good shape

Since Nova City Islamabad has been granted the NOC, it presents an excellent investment opportunity. Without a question, this society is an apparent investment opportunity.


Nova City Developers puts Nova City Islamabad in a great place close to Islamabad. It is the most profitable housing society of the future because it is near the CPEC route and the Rawalpindi Ring Road. The approval of the NOC for Nova City is in the works.

Society is comforting because it has the potential to bring in a lot of money. Now is an excellent time for people who think the future will be promising. Society guarantees that the residential area will get the best infrastructure development at the most affordable prices and many excellent amenities. You can go to our website, Estate Land Marketing, to learn more about Nova City Islamabad.

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