7 Features to keep in mind while buying comfortable work boots?  

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The International labour organisation (ILO) states that around 2.3 million men and women get fatal and non-fatal injuries at the workplace every year. They recommend wearing work boots at the workplace for safety purposes. Work boots provide support and balance to the whole body.

Feet easily start feeling discomfort and undergo injuries/bristles because of improper footwear. If you stand on your feet for the whole day and work for long hours, then I must say, get yourself a pair of comfortable work boots. Work boots will give you numerous benefits and help you to become more productive at the workplace.

 I’m going to highlight 6 features that should be considered before buying the work boots such as safety toes, durability, comfort, slip-resistant sole, and some others. This list might be helpful for you while purchasing the boots:

1. Quality and comfort:

After investing a good amount of money, no one would compromise on comfort and quality. Mostly good quality boots are made up of leather, usually sourced from cattle. Leather makes them breathable and comfortable inside. The interior insole is made up of a comfortable cushion that should be antifungal, preventing sweating and infection if you wear it for long. 

2. Durability: 

Always give preference to the material which is durable and runs for a long period. Stitching of the durable material won’t get part even after continuous use. If leather is of good quality, it won’t become thinner after some span.

3. Waterproof and suitable for four season’s weather: 

What if you are having an outdoor job and it starts raining or maybe you are working at a place where water is there. You’ll surely get worried about your clothes and shoes. Wearing wet shoes will increase the risk of bacteria and give a severe threat to your feet.

Thorogood Moc toes are designed with a Goodyear storm welt. Which makes it sturdier and more waterproof. The best thing is that they keep the moisture away, so your feet remain protected. You can wear them easily in rough and tough seasons. 

4. Soles should be slip resistant:

Everyone prefers to choose slip-resistant work boots. Unlike casual boots, work boots have a unique type of rubber sole which provides extra grip while walking around in the water or oily surface. It reduces the risk of slipping or falling and makes you feel stable and firm.

5. Provides safety:

The work boots are specially designed for safety in the workplace.  As the OSHA and US Department of Labour ensures if a workplace is dangerous to your feet, then every employee should wear safety work boots on the job.

If you work in a normal pair of boots, then it can be harmful to you that’s why a safe work boot is essential. You’ll get a variety of steel toe safety boots. 

6. Gives support to your ankle:

Work boots help you to maintain a good posture and give a good grip to the ankle especially when you work for a longer period or walk for hours. Durable work boots prevent an ankle injury.

7. Selecting the right size:

Work boots should not be too loose or too tight. In loose boots, your heels will move up and down and it will cause pain. If boots are tight then toes will be rubbed and get a blister. Choose the appropriate size, you can take help from professionals available there. Boots are especially worn with socks so try the boot size while wearing socks.

Why should you get work boots instead of casual boots?

Poorly fitted shoes that you wear for hours cause plenty of problems and give discomfort. Pointed toes and high soles are extremely problematic at working places. Due to the wrong selection of boots, pressure increases on the forefoot and then your toes become crammed.

That’s the reason that proper selection of boots is necessary, not just for comfort but for personal well-being. Unlike buying casual boots, you can buy Thorogood work boots. They are durable and provide comfort.

Can Workboots be styled outside of the workplace? 

 You can easily style work boots during a casual meetup with friends or going somewhere with family. They have iconic style and solid construction. They are extremely comfortable to wear.

These boots will give a perfect look when styled with a plain t-shirt, denim jacket or hoodie paired with minimalist jeans or pants. It will give an aesthetic and a versatile look even when you paired it with casual pieces. They are designed to give a brave handsome look.

Final words:

I hope these points will surely help you to get comfortable work boots. As we all know that there is a huge variety of work boots available in the market from low quality to high quality. You may feel confused! Don’t worry, you should try Thorogood boots. You can get them at a reasonable price along with no compromise on quality. 

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