Is KissAnime Down? Or Just Not Working? Solutions Here!

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When there is a website with pirated content, there is always a chance for a threat coming to the website from authorities and the official copyright owners. Why? It is because pirated content, no matter how, is illegal. In many countries, the KissAnime site was dealing with infringing copyright laws. For this reason, its content got removed from its website by the authorities and the official content owners. For many users who enjoyed the site and the free content it provided was sad and frustrating, as they could not access the KissAnime site.

The website had the content removed and added a notice to its site, claiming how it is closing. A few minutes after this notice, many users started tweeting how the site is closing down and getting blocked, making KissAnime trend on twitter. Later on, came the truth when KissAnime could not get accessed.

In June 2019, Japan made its copyright laws stricter regarding the piracy of anime and manga. They have made it clear how they are working to close down sites pirating anime and manga and will get most of them closed down in the near future.

Now there is confusion as to whether the KissAnime website is down or not working.  Is kissanime down for everyone or just you? Has KissAnime gone offline? You can try some of the troubleshooting solutions we have for you below to check if the KissAnime site is down for everyone or just you. Furthermore, using the solutions below, you can access KissAnime and its alternatives if it’s not accessible for you right now.

Why Is KissAnime Not Accessible?

 Are you facing problems with the KissAnime site? There can be many reasons for the site being down or not accessible for users, like server maintenance, DNS problems, or Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. However, apart from these, there can be other reasons why the KissAnime site does not work, like power outages, having a slow internet connection, ISP restrictions, or website transfer.

Try the below solutions, maybe they can help with your KissAnime not working.

Troubleshooting “KissAnime Down” Problems

Use a VPN Service

Many UK users of the KissAnime website have reported how they at times face issues using this site. If someone has issues linking to the KissAnime site and does not work correctly even though other people can access it without any problem, you might have to unblock the KissAnime site by using a VPN service. When you use a VPN, you will not only get easy access to the KissAnime site, but your internet traffic will also get encrypted, so any hacker or spammer will not be able to access your online activity or your personal data on your device.

 Wait & Search Social Pages

When you get confused as to why the KissAnime site is not working, you can go to the official KissAnime social media profiles and see if maybe their servers are down and if they have posted something about downtime issues, so you can wait it out.

Solve Browser Problems

If you are facing problems loading the website of KissAnime or if the KissAnime website is working slow for you, try refreshing your browser web page by clicking on CTRL and F5 together. However, even after doing this- the same problem occurs, close all the web browsers and reopen them. 

However, if none of the above methods do work, you can clear your browser cache and disable any new plug-ins or addons you installed on your browser or you have a firewall software disable that temporarily, as they can interfere with the KissAnime site sometimes. 

 Change Default DNS Server

At times the reason the KissAnime site gets blocked or does not work is because of some DNS server issues. The DNS server you use might be slow because some ISPs have a slower DNS version, or it can be that the DNS web filters have blocked access to the KissAnime Site.   

The best and quickest way to fix this issue is by using a different DNS server to the one you are using, like Google Public DNS. You can do it easily by modifying the IP address of the DNS server to 

Once you do that, reset your internet connection, and this might help you get access to the KissAnime Website. 

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