iPhone Apps You Need To Download Right Now!

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Buying a smartphone is a huge investment, and when you buy an iPhone, it’s even a bigger responsibility to make the most of it. You need the right apps to highlight the incredible features of the iOS platform. The App Store is full of brilliantly useful apps that will surely come in handy! But the extensive app catalog requires you to spend hours and hours of your time picking the best apps, and let’s be honest, none of us have that much free time on our hands! This is why this article is all you need to find the best picks for your iPhone. To make sure you make the most of your iPhone experience and you internet connection is fast, find the best apps to download right here! 

We’ve rounded up the best-handpicked apps across a huge selection of categories, so you have all the apps on your phone you need to make life easier for you by the second! Browse through these App store gems and download them with the Spectrum Gold package right now!

Flow by Moleskine

Do you ever get tired of taking notes? Well, with Flow by Moleskine, you never have to worry about spending money on countless journals and notebooks anymore, nor about endless writing and running out of pages. The Flow app makes note-taking super fun and comfortable. This innovative app is the perfect addition to your app catalog. You definitely need a handy note-taking app that allows you to be as expressive and creative as you want to be. With its super-wide canvases and a variety of customized writing tools, and a huge range of virtual pens, markers, pencils, and multiple types of paper and grid options, you’re bound to explore your artsy side and get creative! 


One of the most frustrating things has to be dealing with lost packages and parcels. The hassle is crazy and it only gets worse when you don’t even know the tracking route of your parcels. Tracking your parcels, coming in from multiple courier services, is no less than a mission. You either have to keep up with the status of your parcels by visiting the website of each and every courier service or downloading several apps to stay notified. 

This is a hassle and confusing, to say the least.  This is why you need to download Deliveries on your phone right now! It’s an incredibly handy app that simplifies everything for you. Keeping track of multiple parcels from different courier services is easier than ever with Deliveries! Whether your package is coming in from UPS or DHL, you can track all your incoming parcels from a huge range of courier services, from one place!

This app is designed with a built-in system that uses your emails and iCloud to return delivery information and creates a list to notify you of your deliveries. The delivery information includes all kinds of data on your incoming parcels and delivered parcels. You can also learn about the location of your packages and their estimated time arrivals to prepare for their arrival accordingly. 

Photoleap by Lightricks

We all rely on a good phone camera to get our pictures taken, but a good photo editor can make our pictures look even better, and what’s better than Photoleap by Lightricks? Make your pictures stand out with this award-winning photo editing app! You will find a range of incredible editing options, from a range of special effects and tonal adjustments to a variety of filters, blending modes, and presets! Edit your pictures just how you like them and become a pro! 


We’re living in a time where we constantly struggle to take a break from work and focus on our physical well-being. Wakeout is a super user-friendly app that helps you stay fit and focus on your physical well-being and alerts you to take frequent breaks and work out by following simple exercises. You can pick from 1500 different workouts that can be performed standing, sitting, or lying down on the bed. We all need the right motivation and kick to stay active and fresh throughout the day to handle our tasks better! Download this app with Spectrum Gold internet and keep your physical wellbeing in check!


Netflix was our only savior once upon a time before the online streaming market welcomed newcomers, networks, and producers with arms wide. And yes, Netflix is still our go-to for everything entertainment but with so much competition in today’s time, it’s impossible to know what’s new and which services offer the movies and shows you’re looking for. This is where the JustWatch app comes in handy. Download this app to know which TV entertainment to find on which platform. 

This particular service is incredibly useful in helping you keep track of all the trending shows and movies offered by different streaming platforms, plus the movies and shows you’re looking for! From Netflix and Amazon Prime to Hulu and HBO Max, find anything and everything you’re looking for and more!

Wrapping It Up

Your phone is a huge investment, make sure to make the most of your time on it by adding a handful of useful apps and platforms! These apps are designed to simplify your life and add convenience for the best iPhone experience!

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