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Best interior designers’ tips on how to adorn your swimming pool area!

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We all dream of diving inside a pool and cooling off our bodies on hot summer days. Swimming pools are a luxury that few do have. But very few consider it as one. People rarely take care of their pool area. And this turns the beauty spot into a blot. It does not take years of effort to turn a pool into a blissful state. We reveal to you some exemplary tips from the Best Interior Designers in India like https://radvi.com/in/real-estate-services/best-swimming-pool-builders-in-india/ . These tips will help you change the overall outlook of your poolside.

It should be just you and the pool and no absurdity in between.

Best interior designers’ tips on how to embellish your pool area!

It is generally believed that pools add a sense of soulfulness to the home. Water, after all, is one of the five elements that make up life. When you shape a pool in your home, you infuse the air with a sense of cool and calm. Such is why people spend sometimes millions on hiring the best interior designers in India to get the best out of it. Designers and builders work in harmony to infuse life within the concrete.

So, what can you do to add value to your poolside?

1 – Practice biophilic architecture!

Biophilic architecture and design work on including nature within the natureless. It involves bringing nature within the walls. Nature has a healing ability. We, humans, have evolved around nature. We have seen the sun along with the dewy leaves in the mornings. Studies have found that humans start to suffer from depression when deprived of nature for a prolonged period of time.

In recent years the gap between humans and nature has turned into a gorge. Cases of depression are on a rise. Half of the American population is on one or other kind of antidepressant. This is one of the causes behind the biophilic architecture on a rise. People are finding ways to include nature in their lives. If you have a pool, try to embellish it with floral plants. However, make sure that there remains a distance between the pool and the plantation. It will help you keep the water clean from leaf litter.

2 – Design the pavement!

The right kind of pavers can weave your poolside with grace and beauty. Choose the wrong pavers and your pool will start draining your energies. You might want to take help from the best interior designers in India if you are getting a pool done from the scratch. They will be able to guide you with the right kind of choice according to your needs. There are many pavers currently in the market —

Bluestone Pavers

Porcelain Pavers

Concrete Pavers



One thing you must ensure is that the pavers are not slippery. It leads to fatal injuries. The material used should have a texture to it and must be anti-slippery. https://radvi.com/in/real-estate-services/best-swimming-pool-builders-in-india/ holds the expertise in designing exceptional pools weaved with functionality and aesthetics.

3 – Include a patio!

A patio adds class and comfort to the pool space. Who does not want to come out of the pool ? A pool patio is something that not all include in their space. If you have enough space then think about dedicating a corner to a classy patio with greenery included. Have ottoman and wickers inside it.

4 – Pergolas for pools!

Pergola is a structure that helps climbing plants gain height. They could be made using anything from wires to bamboo. These structures help you decorate the pool surroundings.

One good thing you can do is to include a bower nearby your pool entrance. Take help from the best interior designers in India to add structures like these. Expertise-sodden hands add beauty to the space.

5 – Make use of lighting!

We, humans, hold light dear to us. It is something that we consider to be a divine attribute. All the religions speak around light being the nucleus of heaven. This is why all the great interior designers in India work around light with proper care. You ignore light, and light will ignore you back.

Many people think that lighting holds less significance when it comes to swimming pools. But it is not anymore. Installation of lights in the right spots can shade your pool with divinity in the nighttime.

Use usher lights on the pool stairs to guide your heart towards the water. The traffic pathways must be well lit to avoid any fatalities at night. Use enough light in the patio and pathways. Ambient lights can shade the pool with an atmospheric touch. It graces up your swimming experience.

6 – Include pool accessories

Pool toys are something without which a pool fails to feel like a pool. These toys help greatly when we have kids in our home. There are many types of toys available in the market that one can consider buying. Here is a list of these few –

Swim Tube.

Water Balls.

Inflatable Pool Floats

Water Floating Bed.

Floating Chair.

When to hire the best designers for your swimming pool?

We all dream of getting a beautiful pool in our home. Who does not want a personal pool that one could dive inside and swim at any time? But building a great pool requires money and expertise. Both of these are required. There are technicalities that need to be taken care of. For example, using the wrong construction material can lead to water leakage. This can weaken the foundation and pose a threat to the house.

When getting a pool done from scratch, always hire the best architects. These experts ensure that you get the return for the money you spend. Furthermore, look for the best interior designers in India to help you beautify your pool. Your pool must not only hold water but it must look beautiful too. Radvi – https://radvi.com/in/real-estate-services/best-swimming-pool-builders-in-india/ – is one such company that has been excelling in India for decades. Pools must be built safely otherwise they may take life instead of giving one.

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What can I put around my pool to look nice?

If you want to spruce up the area around your pool and create a beautiful outdoor oasis, there are many options available to you. One popular option is to use plants and landscaping features to add color and texture to the space. Consider planting some tropical palms or other large leafy plants around the perimeter of your pool to create a lush, tropical feel. You can also add some potted plants in various sizes and shapes to add interest and depth to the space. Choose plants that can withstand the harsh sunlight and chlorine exposure of a pool environment.

Another option is to use decorative features like statues, fountains, and waterfalls to create a visually stunning space. These features add aesthetic appeal and create a soothing sound that can help you relax while lounging by the pool. Consider incorporating natural materials like rocks, boulders, and stone to create a naturalistic look that complements the surrounding landscape.

Finally, outdoor furniture and accessories can create a comfortable and stylish lounging area. Choose weather-resistant materials like teak, aluminum, or resin wicker to ensure your furniture meets the elements. Consider adding colorful cushions or throw pillows to your seating areas to add color and comfort. By combining plants, decorative features, and outdoor furniture, you can create a beautiful and inviting space around your pool that you can enjoy for years.

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