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Defining Modern Interior Design

Last Updated on February 16, 2024 by Ali Hamza

When decorating your residence you have many styles of décor to choose from. When reviewing these options, one that should not be overlooked is modern interior decoration. Buying modern furniture Portland-based allows you to create a contemporary, modern, and unique home. These styles are often highly practical as all design choices are based on ease of use and the elimination of traits or design factors that serve no practical use.

What Makes Modern Different From Contemporary?

These two design philosophies are often compared to each other due to a degree of overlap. The functionality of modern designs is often blended with current contemporary interior designs. However, there is a key difference in the timeframes these two interior design concepts draw from. Modern interior design draws its influences from German, Scandinavian, and other European design ideas from roughly the 1920s to the 1950s. Contemporary furniture and home design ideas are focused on the here and now. What is contemporary in terms of interior design changes as broader overall taste changes. Because of this contemporary designs often make more use of curves in designs and tend to be more visually striking if not always practical. When directly compared, contemporary designs tend to be more minimalist and make use of basic black and white color palettes. By comparison, modern design is more functional than minimalistic and colors are neutral but not necessarily cold.

Defining Modern Décor

Modern decoration and home interior design is a term that is often misunderstood. Modern home interiors are defined by a style that has natural colors, earth tones, a reduction in needless detailing, and the use of natural materials. Here are other traits that define this style of decoration.

  • Natural materials are valued in these types of homes, so wood, leather, natural fibers, and stone are often used in both furniture and interior design ideas. This also extends to other materials such as metal, glass, and chrome, which embody the simple clean functionality modern décor is focused on.
  • Neutral colors and earth tones are the most common color choices.
  • Furniture should be non-pretentious and focused on functionality while making use of clean lines. For example, when picking a sofa, you should focus on usability. A simple comfortable piece of furniture is not necessarily the fanciest. There is a deliberate lack of fluff and unneeded complexity when picking furniture and accent pieces.
  • Owing to the classic 20th-century designs, modern décor is derived from natural light, is a key part of the home and large unadorned windows should let in the sun.
  • Exposed structural elements such as wooden ceiling beams, stone support columns, and metal pieces should be shown and not covered up.

Final Thoughts

Your home should reflect your taste. If you want a home that is focused on simplicity, clean lines, comfort, and a reduction in adornments, a modern home interior is exactly what you’re looking for. This style is also versatile, allowing you to fill your home with furniture that is both comfortable and easy to care for. A blend of comfy furniture, rugs, windows, floor lamps, mirrors, and other functional choices creates a home that is easy to live in and take care of.

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