Step by step Instructions to Lock Android Table or Phone to One App

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A decent method of permitting children to invest quality energy on an Android Phone or Tablet is to lock their gadget to a solitary application. It guarantees that your children invest quality energy in age-fitting or instructive apps and stay shielded from improper substances.

Lock Android Tablet to One App

Introduced in Android 5.0, the Pin Windows remembered for Android grants you to lock your Android Phone or Tablet to a Single App.

Download this brilliant apk file as this will permit you to surrender your Android Phone or Tablet to kids without stressing over Apps getting erased or kids being presented with improper substance.

To Lock Android Tablet to One app, you initially want to empower the Pin Windows Option on your Android Device. After which, you will want to Lock Android Tablet to One app.

In this way, let us feel free to glance at how to Lock Android tablets to a solitary App.

Empower Pin Windows Feature On Phone or Tablet

Follow the means beneath to enable the Pin Windows to highlight on your Android Phone or Tablet.

  • Open the Settings button, look down, and click the Lock Screen and Security or Biometrics and Security choice.
  • On the following screen, look down and tap on the Other Security Settings choice.
  • On the Other Security Settings screen, tap on the Pin Windows choice.
  • On the Pin Windows screen, empower the choice to Pin Windows by moving the slider to the ON position.

Arrangement Passcode for Screen Pinning Mode

The subsequent stage is to set up a Passcode for the Screen Pinning mode on your Android Phone or Tablet.

  • Go to Settings > Security > Other Security Options > Pin Windows choice.
  • On the following screen, move the slider close to Ask for PIN before unfastening to the ON position.
  • Lock the Android Tablet or the Phone to a single App

After the Pin Windows incorporate is engaged on your Android gadget, you can lock your Android Phone or Tablet to Single App by following the means underneath.

1. Open the App that you need to lock your Android Phone or Tablet to.

For example, open you’re what’s App to Lock your Android Phone or Tablet to this single app and forestall any remaining Apps from being utilized.

2. Then, tap on the Recent Apps button situated at the base left corner of your gadget.

3. on the App spring up, tap on the App symbol and tap on the Pin this App choice.

After this, the main what’s App will get permitted to open on your Android Device, and any remaining Apps will get impaired.

4. Unfasten an App on Android Tablet or Phone

After your children have wrapped up utilizing your Android Tablet, you can unfasten the app and return your gadget to its typical mode.

1. Tap and Hold on the Recent Apps and Back button simultaneously.

2. Whenever asked, enter the Passcode of your Lock Screen to leave the Pinned Window and then recover the unlimited or the typical use of your Android smartphone or Tablet.

Lock the Android Tablet or a Phone to an Application

Individuals frequently request how to run only one application on Android gadgets or lock an Android gadget to run only one application. Joined with the ubiquity of Google look-through like “Android permits only one application” and “Android tablet lock to one application,” unmistakably, everybody needs an approach to effectively secure their gadgets. The suitable response is Android Single Application Mode. Android Single Application Mode implies that only one application consistently runs on the Android gadget, as the name recommends. If somebody is utilizing a Single Application Mode Android gadget right now, that client can’t leave the application, in addition to the application begins consequently if the gadget reboots.

Step by step Instructions to Set-up Single Application Mode on Android

The least demanding way of setting up Single Application Mode Android gadgets is to utilize Sure Lock.

Firstly, Introduce the Sure Lock App and then follow these steps listed below to empower the Single App Mode and then run only one app on the Android device you own:

  1. Dispatch Sure lock
  2. On Sure Lock Home Screen, tap multiple times within 3 seconds to dispatch the secret word brief
  3. Enter your default secret word file – 0000 (four zeros) and tap OK
  4. On the Admin Settings screen, click on the Allowed Applications
  5. On the Allowed Applications screen, use Add App decision to add your optimal application in the Single Application Mode
  6. Tap Done to get back to Admin Settings
  7. On the Admin Settings screen, now click on the Sure Lock Settings
  8. On the Sure Lock Settings screen, tap Single Application Mode and empower the Single Application Mode choice
  9. Get back to Sure Lock Home Screen. Your application will presently run in Single Application Mode, otherwise called Android Single App Mode.

Note: For Single Application Mode to be enabled, only a solitary application can be perceptible on Sure Lock’s Home Screen. However, if you want to run more than one application inside, you can add other applications to the rundown of permitted applications like swf file and mark them as covered up. These mysterious applications can be dispatched through the application obvious on Sure Lock Home Screen when Android Single App Mode is dynamic.

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