Gojek Clone App: The One-Stop-Shop for your Customers

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Do you want your customers to be happy and satisfied all the time? You should think about investing in the Gojek Clone app. It is a one-stop shop for your customers. With more than 82+ services in its fold, this app offers on-demand services to every customer. Moreover, the app comes with the features and facilities like live tracking the order, scheduling, paying via in-app wallet, and much more. 

Let’s learn more about this solution and everything it offers. 

82+ Service in One On-demand App Solution

82+ Service in One On-demand App Solution

It’s unbelievable how a single application can deal with many different problems. For instance, a customer wants to hire a mechanic because their vehicle broke down. They can simply log onto the app and look for a nearby mechanic, add the service address, and book the service. The mechanic will come to the location and quickly fix the problem so the customer can carry on with the rest of their day. 

Similarly, several other services allow customers with their chores. Here are they: 

1. On-demand delivery 

On-demand delivery services allow customers to order anything they want from a store, shop, or restaurant. Customers, for example, can order food, groceries, flowers, and other things on the Gojek Clone app. One can opt for contactless delivery, standard doorstep delivery, or takeaway based on customer preference. 

2. On-demand services 

On-demand services are where a customer can hire professionals for at-home services like hairstyling, car washing, plumbing, babysitting, and so on. The biggest perk of this service is that your customers need not worry about calling and booking an appointment. It can be done through the mobile app itself. Moreover, customers can schedule the services at a preferred date and time. 

3. Taxi booking 

Booking a taxi ride just got easy with the on-demand multi-service app. How? The app works just like Uber. In simpler words, customers need to enter the pickup and drop location, choose their preferred taxi type, and select the payment option. 

The taxi driver will arrive at the location, and all the COVID-19 safety features in adherence end the ride. Some COVID-19 features of the Gojek Clone app are: 

  • Facemask verification 
  • Restricted passenger limit 
  • Safety checklist
  • Ride cancellation 
  • Safety rating and review 

4. Online video consultation 

Consult on a video call with doctors, tutors, yoga instructors, lawyers, and astrologers. Book an online consultation on the app. Don’t worry about payments because the consultation fee is deducted from the customer’s linked credit card after the session. 

In short, the customers don’t need to visit the professionals physically. Video consultations can be done from home, and it’s safe because no one has to step outside their homes. 

5. Parcel delivery 

Parcel deliveries are for those who want to send items from X to Y locations. They are sent locally via cargo vehicles. Customers can set only one pickup address, whereas the drop-off points can be many.  

Moreover, the customers can easily choose a preferred cargo vehicle for delivery based on the number of products, their size, and their weight. 

6. Service bidding

The Gojek Clone app service allows customers to start bidding for handyman services. First, customers have to post the task on the app. Then, the handymen from the chosen category get a notification of the task. Now, the handyman can choose to accept the offer, decline it, or make an offer if they feel they want to negotiate. 

Thus, customers and handymen can now start negotiating, and once they reach a favorable deal, the professionals are hired!

7. Delivery Genie and Runner 

Delivery Genie and Runner

Delivery Genie is the personal shopper, whereas the Runner runs errands for customers. One can hire them based on their requirements. For example, hire a personal shopper if you want someone to fetch some item from the market, purchase it, and deliver it to your doorstep. 

On the other hand, hire a Delivery Runner if you want to pick up or drop off items like documents, lunchboxes, etc. 

In Conclusion: 

Do you want to launch a multi-service app that offers everything your customers need? Launch a Gojek Clone app! You can offer more than 82 services to your customers, make more money, and become famous! 

Speak with the sales representatives of the white-labeling firm today! Try the demo app and get started with the app launch process.

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