Improve Your Badminton Footwork

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There are very few known exercises that will greatly improve your badminton legs

I just replied to a great post that I started in the badminton blog forum about the best way to improve your badminton. The original post suggested that improving foot fitness is the best way to improve pickleball dimensions. This leads to posts on many different topics.

If we don’t reach the shuttlecock We all agree that we will not win points. Your hitting technique could be perfect. But if you are not on the badminton court in the right position to hit the ball. It’s useless

As in many forms, when you talk about walking, of course, the great Lyndon reminds us how to do it. Lynn Dan has a lot of strength. Perhaps the greatest strength is the ability to cover the court well. I think this is because he has recovered from a difficult situation compared to the shuttle trip.

How much time did you spend restoring your working model? And how much time do you spend on it compared to the work you do to improve the presser foot pattern? I hope your recovery time is minimal compared to the rest of your work.

A great opportunity for your development is here…

As you might have guessed, there are tons of videos, forum posts, and articles about training exercises to improve leg performance. all is perfect Here are some ideas…

1) Shuttle runs

2) Shadow Badminton (Popular Choice)

3) Examples of exercises with and without shuttles on board.

4) Quick leg exercises

The exercises above are good for improving your badminton technique. You need to pay more attention to recovery patterns and speed than ever before. You will be amazed to see your progress.

But that was just the key element in cultivating this skill. When you see people like Lin Dan, Lee Chong Wei, and Taufiq Hidayat, they all use the same style. but not exactly the same Try different designs and see if one or two suits you better.

But this is the important part. Do you know what this is?

It’s the second point to improve your leg performance. I’ve never written or read anything on this topic before.

So what is it? You can devote more time to improving leg performance by using the exercises mentioned above. You have to improve your internal clock.

Now you might be wondering what I’m talking about. Let me explain…

when you play the game You will have a certain speed to play comfortably. when you push yourself up or down to play at this speed You are more likely to make mistakes. This internal clock or internal rhythm of this body can be trained over time to help you play at different speeds.

In our player example above I have focused on a single player. This is because they have to cover more distances on the field than the two players, however, this article covers all of them.

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