How Do I Get Certified in TOGAF?

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The TOGAF certifications have become quite popular lately. It can give you high salaries and more job opportunities if you crack the exam successfully. However, it’s a challenging exam. Everyone cannot pass it. Also, you cannot get the certification if you haven’t prepared well for the exam or lack relevant skill sets. Still, many test-takers mistake preparing less for the exam as they don’t know much about the TOGAF certification. Consequently, they fail miserably.

So, it’s always better to follow a well-established pathway and learn the skills to become a TOGAF-certified candidate. Based on our experience and success stories of TOGAF-certified professionals, the Simplilearn online education platform gives you the guide on ‘how to get certified in TOGAF?’. We will walk you through all steps required to become eligible and prepared enough to pass the TOGAF certification exam.

Let’s unravel all steps required to become TOGAF certified, from meeting the prerequisites to building relevant skills and registering with a TOGAF certification training.

Skills needed for TOGAF certification

TOGAF certification verifies your ability to implement fundamental life principles and the relevant skill sets. Here are the skills you need to emphasize to become TOGAF certified.

Know and decipher requirements

Enterprise architects must be aware of the need to create a ‘solution.’ Data analysis, listening to information from various sources, and building consensus between parties are among the talents required. The architect will then translate the solution’s “ideas” into requirements with specific goals. They’ll also explain the concepts to others, including the objective, risks, limits, and benefits, to ensure that everyone in their company understands the entire solution.

Develop a beneficial model

Enterprise architects should be able to model their solution by following a methodology and customizing it to the program’s specific conditions. The models should also depict and communicate different perspectives within a company. As needed, the guide teams, departments, and individuals inside and outside of an organization can utilize the models. An architect may use building blocks to highlight leverage opportunities and work with other organizations to ensure that these opportunities are well-grabbed.

Validate, improve, and broaden the model

By evaluating assumptions made by various parties and bringing in subject matter experts, the enterprise architect will develop and refine the model. Since needed, new ideas will be incorporated in response to changing requirements, as solution-enhancing discoveries may occur throughout this time.

Architecture management

After completing the models, the architect will continue to monitor and update them to depict various difficulties and outcomes during development appropriately. The architect will communicate customer, architectural, and technical information with various entities throughout the development lifecycle.


An enterprise architect’s responsibilities include actively leading several departments and teams in implementing an architecture. It necessitates commercial and IT leadership skills, with clients and management acknowledging the architect as an influential figure.

Simultaneously, they will do a lot of groundwork, consulting on implementation as needed and continually interacting across different teams and departments to keep them on track with the strategic end goals. As part of this, the architect must be able to communicate with a variety of audiences by omitting or simplifying material as needed.

Professional and personal skills

Strong communication and relationship-building skills are required of an enterprise architect. An architect must communicate with stakeholders, contractors, and even clients in addition to teams and departments. To keep project activities aligned with high-level goals, the architect must also assist management teams in making informed decisions.

It frequently necessitates architects to describe complex information understandable to non-technical individuals. It may need the usage of graphical programming languages such as ArchiMate.

Steps to take to get TOGAF certification

Becoming TOGAF certified is not a piece of cake. It’s better to follow some steps to increase your success chances in the long haul.

To become TOGAF certified, execute the procedures below:

Choose from the TOGAF 9 Foundation and TOGAF 9 Certified exams

Foundation is for people who have only a basic understanding of TOGAF. By clearing the TOGAF 9 Part 1 exam, you will receive the TOGAF 9 Foundation certificate.

TOGAF 9 Certified is for those who thoroughly comprehend the framework. To acquire this certificate, you must pass TOGAF Parts 1 and 2.

TOGAF Business Architecture Level 1 and TOGAF Essentials 2018 are also available.

You can either self-study or enroll in a training course

You’ll use TOGAF study resources for self-study, registering, and taking the exam.

Choose a recognized institution if you want to take a training course. Exam expenses are usually included in the training costs.

Clear the prerequisites

Before you get into the TOGAF study, it will be better to clear the prerequisites.

There are no prerequisites for obtaining a TOGAF 9.1 certification. To become an Enterprise Architect, however, a candidate must pass the tests of the approved organization.

To obtain a TOGAF 9.1 certification, candidates must pass two exams: The TOGAF Foundation course is Level 1, and the TOGAF 9.1 certification is Level 2. Candidates who intend to study with them should focus on clearing one Level at a time.

On the other hand, training institutes have constructed their courses such that a candidate can study for and pass both of these Levels in one sitting. A typical training time with an institute lasts four days, whereas self-study takes two weeks.

Work on the skill sets

Learning the skills required to pass the TOGAF exam will lead you to long endeavors. So, work on building the relevant skill sets before appearing in the TOGAF certification exam. These abilities will help you get a lucrative job and get into higher posts within an organization.

Register and pay for the TOGAF exam

Self-study professionals can register for the TOGAF exam at a Pearson Vue Center and take it there.

Before the test, you can take practice tests to familiarize yourself with the exam questions and surroundings. It will boost your confidence before the exam.

Summing Up!

Focus more on building skills and implementing the skills in real life. It’s the key to TOGAF success! That’s all you need to do to become TOGAF certified.

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