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Garden Fence Decoration Ideas To Try

Last Updated on April 2, 2024 by Ali Hamza

Spring is the perfect season for big cleaning sprees and decoration updates. If you’re itching to give some new life to your garden this year, consider upgrading your fence, regardless if that is deer fences or simply one for aesthetics.  It can dramatically alter the atmosphere, just like painting walls can completely overhaul the feel of a room.

You can personalize it with paint, knick-knacks, or new functional pieces. Here are five ideas for decorating your garden fence, suitable for big yards and city homes alike.

Install hanging planters

This is an ideal solution for low fences. Does your garden have a raised deck that you sectioned off? Is your green space actually just a balcony? In both cases, stylish hanging planters add just the right balance of character and practicality.

Choose colors and styles that best match your space, and feel free to customize them. For example, paint on a stencil, or apply charming labels. Self-watering options are a great choice for extra gardening capacity without the additional maintenance hassle.

Grow your fragrant blooming plants, or your favorite herbs, to add an aromatic touch. If you like to cook, consider planting kitchen herbs in visually attractive arrangements. You save money on spice shopping and get a unique garden decoration in one stroke.

Why not make the fence itself a gardening space? Train a climbing plant to go up and in between its elements. Depending on the shape, construction, and material of your fence, some types of climbing plants may be more suited than others. Plant them directly into the ground or line up planters and start them from there.

Likewise, if you’re just getting ready to set up some new garden dividers, consider selecting a trellis specifically for this purpose. Trellises are ideal for the flexible gardener whose ideas and needs change with time.

For when you want more air and sunlight coming through, just leave them as they are. They’re beautiful enough in their simplicity. If you’d still like to add something, consider hanging up some lanterns, signs, or tiny planters.

For a more elegant, atmospheric choice, plant a flowering climber. Choose a scented variety and let the fragrance further define the feeling of your garden.

For a more robust barrier and some added privacy, opt for a leafy plant that spreads out. Train it along strategic paths to cover the entire trellis in foliage. Choose a variety whose leaves will change color with the seasons for a more dynamic and stylish look.

Get bold with colors

If your garden’s borders are of a more solid variety, like colourbond fencing, painting could be the easiest and most accessible decoration choice. In that case, permit yourself to go big! Colorbond fences usually stay in the color of their alloys, but who says you’re barred from enhancing them?

If you’d like to preserve the fence’s inherent aesthetic, opt for stylish metallic coats. Silver, gold, bronze, and copper give a classical look. A metallic shade of your favorite hue lends an individual touch and a hint of contemporary style. You can also just use regular non-metallic colors, or even combine the two.

Consider a two-tone fence in sage green or pigeon blue and silver or duller grey. Paint a solid black backdrop and give it gold or copper details. You don’t have to stick with strictly delineated areas, either: feel free to play with patterns or gradients. For the latter, choose complementary colors. This will prevent the fence from looking overwhelming and keep the focus on the actual garden.

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