Everything You Need To Take Care of a New Puppy

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Bringing home a new puppy is undeniably an exciting experience. However, many new dog owners overlook the stress that accompanies puppyhood. Fortunately, you can minimize stressful situations by puppy-proofing before you bring your furry friend home. 

Whether you’ve visited the pound to adopt or been on the prowl for adorable lab puppies for sale, you’ll need some necessary supplies to welcome your canine companion home. 

Dog crate

Despite common misconceptions, utilizing crates can simplify the dog-owning experience. Not only does your pup need a place of its own to decompress and recharge, but you’ll also need a dog-free moment or two. 

When crate training your puppy, you can minimize accidents, prevent unwanted chewing, and nip separation anxiety in the bud early on, especially if you spend hours away at a time.  

Just make sure you outfit the crate with necessities like a comfortable pad, a spill-proof water bowl, and durable chew toys

Dog bed

Dogs enjoy having a comfortable spot to rest when it’s not time to be in the crate. Buy your puppy a bed that will accommodate its growth, so you won’t have to purchase another one later. 

Additionally, if your furry friend likes to chew, you can cover the bed with a blanket or buy a cushion with replaceable or durable chew-proof covers

Puppy food and treats

New owners may not realize that puppies have different nutritional needs than full-grown dogs. Fortunately, your veterinarian can recommend the best food for your puppy. 

As your dog grows, you’ll swap out puppy-specific formulas for adult blends that offer different nutrients based on your dog’s physical activity. 

You’ll also want special treats to reinforce your puppy’s best behaviors. Though they should be nutritious, treats are not meant to be their primary source of nutrients, so be wary of overfeeding. 

Chewy toys

New puppy owners often learn the hard way that puppies like to chew. Without offering your pup  durable chew toes, they will gnaw on everything from rugs and shoes to table legs and blankets. So, make sure you stock up on chew toys and keep a close eye on your dog to avoid choking.

Food and water bowls

Puppies can be clumsy as they try to maneuver their way through the world, making food time a messy endeavor. Rather than constantly cleaning up spilled food and water, consider purchasing spill-proof food and water bowls

Additionally, you can put their bowls on an easy-to-clean mat and clean up any mess daily, as dog food can draw unwanted pests into your home. 

Training pads and cleaning products

Though you can minimize potty-related accidents with a strict schedule, puppies will have accidents, especially as they learn their way around their new home. 

When incidents happen, you’ll want an enzyme cleaner that removes urine stains, avoiding toxic ingredients for pets. 

Leash and collar

Not only is your puppy an investment, but they’re also a new family member, so keeping them safe is critical. A collar with an informative ID tag gives you peace of mind that someone will return your puppy to you if it runs away. 

You can also keep your dog with you by training it to walk on a leash. Many communities require that dogs be on leashes to keep both dogs and their owners safe.

Consider buying a soft collar with reflective stitching so your dog can be seen at night or on foggy days. Additionally, ensure the collar is durable, so your puppy doesn’t chew through it. 

Wrap up

Bringing home a new puppy is similar (though less harrowing) to bringing home a new baby. However, preparing with the right gear can make the experience more enjoyable, reducing stress during the first few months of puppyhood.

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