How To Become A Data Science Professional

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Data science professionals are unicorns in the IT industry. Salaries are high and demand continues to grow regardless of industry. Data science work sounds a bit professional, a little mysterious, and difficult to put in your pocket. But this is not an exact reality. All for preparation. The only difficulty in getting a job in data science is that you need some knowledge. However, if you are a person who works hard, it will not be a difficult road.

A Statista study of the IT skill shortages faced by global CIOs from 2017 to 2019 found that data science skills were the most difficult, with 44% of CIOs agreeing. Doing.

According to Pay scale, the average annual salary of a data scientist with one to four years of experience in the United States is $ 87,267. The median annual salary of mid-sized data scientists with 5-9 years of experience is $ 98,447.

What Are The Technical Skills Recruiters Require From Data Science Professionals?

Data scientists need to acquire many mathematical and analytical skills such as linear algebra and multivariate calculus. Data science is basically a combination of mathematics, computer science and statistics. Machine learning is another skill that recruiters are desperately looking for in candidates.

Knowledge of common programming languages ​​such as Python, Java, and R is essential. In particular, R is a task that many employers need because it is used in a variety of data sciences such as statistical analysis, predictive modeling, and data visualization.

Other Important Data Science Skills Are:

  • Knowledge of Hadoop framework
  • Being able to take full advantage of SQL and Oracle server databases
  • ETL (extract, transform, load) skills

Educational Background Required For Senior Data Science Positions

Many companies require PhDs in related fields such as computer science and mathematics. A PhD certainly gives you a competitive advantage, but it is not essential to the job of a new employee. However, as you build your career in data science, the significance of your PhD will come to life. If you don’t have an advanced degree as strong as your PhD, industry-related data science certification may help.

How Do You Get Into The Data Science Field?

Lack of IT skills faced by CIOs (Chief Information Officers) around the world (2017-2019).

If you are a new graduate or college student and are looking to enter the field of data science, the basic data science skills you should have will depend on your future employer. It depends heavily on the needs of the employer, for example, what they need as a technical tool. The chances of success also depend on whether the interviewee has time to develop young data science professionals.

Here, we will introduce advice for those who aspire to data science, keeping in mind that they are newcomers who have no experience in the above-mentioned specialized fields.

Learn statistics, data coding, data analysis and more. Read books, online blogs, articles, PDFs, video tutorials, online courses and more to get information about these data science concepts.

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