5 Funniest Comedians That AGT Fans Will Never Forget

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It is not an exaggeration to say that comedy has been taken to a new level by the recent acts on AGT 2022. Justin Rupple and Mike E. Winfield were two people who not just performed but brought awesome definitions to comedy. This article will deliver you facts and information about such 05 contestants.

Marty Ross

Although Marty is not on AGT in 2022, he did a splendid act on AGT 2020. It is said that age doesn’t matter to laugh as humor is universal. When it comes to Mary, he proved that age is not a barrier to making others laugh. What Marty does to make others laugh is to tell jokes. The comedian is capable of creating jokes at that moment itself. Among other comedians, that is one of the skills he has got as well.

JJ Pantano

Just like Marty, JJ Pantano is an Australian comedian who showed that age is not a matter of making others laugh. But, the fact is Pantano is a child just 07 years old. He could end up being a semi-finalist, which will be the best way to judge him. A stand-up routine was Pantano’s key, which eventually brought victory in each round. Eh will become a professional comedian as his net worth is already coming in Millions. 

Oliver Graves

Oliver Graves is a name heard in AGT season 13. The 32 years old, comedians impacted AGT using his jokes. The way he told jokes to Simon was one of the most humorous moments at AGT, according to the audience. Along with his own make-up, rhythms, and vibes, Oliver became an unforgettable comedian on the AGT stage. At present, he is keeping his work along with his official website and has increased the number of followers.

Jordan Conley

Among the comedians who did great on AGT, it was Jordan Conley, who came with a professional background. The Californian comedian has acted in a few movies, such as Physical Therapy (2021), Vows (2020), and Under Wraps 2, for recognition. The face, as well as every feature on his body, was used by Jordan for his acting. He has got a yes on AGT this season and is among the most-expected contestants to win the title. 

Mr. Pants

Just because you wear something awkward, you cannot keep it unless you are a comedian. That matches Mr. Pants or Mr. Ryan Dee as he has become a hilarious pant to make others laugh. According to his fans, it is his deep thoughts that make others laugh. He is in this season and will do something extraordinary in the following rounds.


We have explained 05 comedians who appeared on the AGT stage throughout the whole time. Now you must know that they also have done as great as Justin Rupple and Mike E. Winfield. When they achieve more in careers, we will bring more.

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