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Clever Tips to Organize a Kitchen

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If your home has a small space design, the kitchen can easily get cluttered and overwhelming when you’re working as the household’s chef. Tons of kitchen organization ideas will surely cross your mind, whether you’re a casual cook or a culinary artist.

Before you declutter, identify your trouble spots. Which areas do you need to work on? Is it the pantry? Your kitchen cabinets? The fridge? Once you know which areas to prioritize, you can get better momentum on organizing your kitchens.

To get clever ideas on kitchen organization, browse through the tips below. This list will feature helpful advice on how you can tackle everyday cooking items and find a convenient home for them in your kitchen.

Benefits of an Organized Kitchen

Aside from making everything easier when you cook or unpack groceries, there are other benefits to having this space sorted, such as:


A cluttered kitchen can have sharp objects stored unsafely, over-filled cupboards, or tripping hazards. These are all accidents waiting to happen – something you should avoid – especially when you have small children.


A jam-packed freezer, pantry, or fridge may conceal ingredients and products you already have. It can lead you to repurchase items when you have one stored behind other products.

A lesson for children

You can teach children the value of responsibility and organization skills. As they help put away dishes properly, they can learn that they should also put away their toys after use.

5 Clever Tips to Organize a Kitchen

Maximize efficiency and space by incorporating these smart kitchen organization ideas:

Embrace the spice rack

You may have small assorted containers of cinnamon, cumin, and oregano in your kitchen. It can be confusing and overwhelming if you leave them scattered around, especially when they’re unsorted and unlabeled.

Take advantage of a spice rack and store all your spices here. If you want to kick it up a notch, you can transfer them into uniform containers with labels and organize their placement according to how often you reach for them.

Keep essentials in your island’s storage

Opt for a kitchen island with hidden cabinets, so you can store things like single-use items, pots, linens, and pans. You can also get an island with deep shelving for easy access.

Vertically line up dish towels

Horizontal folding may seem orderly, but it’s more efficient to stack kitchen towels in a drawer vertically. When towels are lined up horizontally, you’ll need to do some digging to get one.

Lining linens vertically allows you to browse through the selection in one glance and immediately choose what you want. Make sure you also use drawer dividers to store other kitchen linens like oven mitts.

Fill up file folders with kitchen items

You can get kitchen storage in different areas of your home, even in your office. Aside from organizing magazines and paper, file folders can also help sort kitchen items, particularly those under the sink. You can place cleaning supplies in file folders so that they don’t barricade the shelf under your sink. Arrange the items from the most to less frequently used for more convenience.

Multiply vertical storage space with shelf risers

If you only have a few cupboards in your kitchen and many dishwares, don’t fret; shelf risers are here to save you. Get more room for all your plates and glasses by turning one shelf into two.

Ready to get organized?

Your kitchen setup can make or break your cooking session. From storing your spices to arranging your pantry, it’s best if you have a system to prepare meals without disruption. If you have a cluttered space, your dinner party can turn stressful before it even starts, so you must keep it organized.

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