Best Permanent Hair Extensions Types 2023

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If you want to have long and thick hair, try permanent hair extensions. After this beauty procedure, you will be able to wear a beautiful hairstyle for several months without taking off your hair extensions

Permanent extensions are several different techniques that differ in the strands fixation method.

Read in our article how to choose the best option for you.

1. Weft hair extensions

Weft hair extensions are considered one of the most popular and one of the best extension methods in North America!

At first, a neat, unnoticeable braid is made around the head. Then a hand-tied or machine weft is sewn into the braid.

When your hair grows longer and you need a reapplication procedure, the hair stylist will first take off the weft, and then he/she will unbraid your hair. After that the extension  procedure is repeated again.

This method of strands fixation has a lot of advantages:

  • Safe for natural hair: does not damage it, does not weaken the roots and does not cause hair to fall out.
  • Maximum comfort in wearing.
  • Any change in hairstyle will be unnoticeable to others.
  • Since the weft is taken off and then re-sewn into the braid, during the reapplication procedure you will not lose a single cm of length.

2. Keratin bonds hair extensions

Another popular method in which strands are fixed with bonds made of keratin glue. Like wefts, being done by a professional hair stylist, fusion hair extensions are absolutely safe for health!

This hairstyle looks absolutely natural, as if it were your own hair.

We recommend doing extensions with color keratin bonds to match your curls. If you have thin, weak strands, try keratin bond extensions on micro bonds and use a small hair weight.

3. Tape-ins

Tape-in extensions are a method in which natural hair is placed between two pieces of tapes with extended strands.

This is not the best way to change your hairstyle. The fact is that tapes are much more noticeable than wefts or fusions. In addition, they are not so safe for hair and can damage it. The main advantages of this method are the speed of the extension procedure and relatively inexpensive price.

Choose proven extension methods such as hand-tied weft hair extensions or keratin bond extensions. And don’t forget that much depends on the quality of the hair used for the extension procedure.

You can buy quality natural hair for permanent hair extensions on the I Love Slavic Hair website. The company sells premium raw materials of high quality, which undergo delicate processing without the use of aggressive chemicals.

Consultants of I Love Slavic Hair will gladly help you to choose products that will meet all your expectations about the perfect hairstyle!

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