How Can Astrology Be Used To Enhance Academic Life?

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Is it educational advice you’re looking for? Do you need expert advice on how to improve your academic life? If so, keep reading to learn how astrology can be a game-changing tool for helping you achieve academic success.

Perhaps the most important aspect of life is education. It is the basis for achievement, wealth, and prosperity. Success in life is directly correlated with success in education. Therefore, it is imperative that everyone performs well in their respective academic fields. But occasionally, despite our best and sincere efforts, we are unable to produce the desired outcomes. Additionally, we occasionally lack the focus and concentration needed to succeed in our studies and education. A mistake in selecting the correct path of higher education could ruin the future.

The future of a person’s education can be greatly predicted by the stars. Let’s find out how astrology can assist you in choosing your higher education path and enhancing your academic performance.

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Before talking about the tips and suggestions for educational success, it is important to understand which astrological planets and houses are important.


Astrologers look at the birth chart’s 4th House, 5th House, 9th House, 2nd House, and Lagna (1st Hous) to determine the person’s education. In addition, the entire chart will weaken if the Lagna or Lagna Lord becomes weak.

4th House –

It is the most important house for education and represents primary education.

5th House –

The house of wisdom and intelligence. We cannot learn or become wise without adequate intelligence.

2nd House –

This house represents resources and family support for finishing our education. The 2nd House is also the ability to communicate.

9th House –

Given that the 9th House is the house of luck, higher wisdom, etc., it is crucial for higher education. We require the aid of this house to succeed in higher education.


The three planets that matter the most when evaluating education are Jupiter, Mercury, and the Moon. 


The planet of wisdom and knowledge, Jupiter assists us in grasping knowledge obtained from various sources such as books, teachers, and so on. One cannot acquire knowledge or achieve significant educational success without Jupiter’s blessings. As a result, Jupiter has been assigned the rulership of the Sagittarius sign (the 9th sign of the zodiac) and the 9th House.


Mercury, the planet of intelligence, enables quick grasping ability. Therefore, it will be challenging to succeed in the learning process without Mercury’s assistance.


The Moon represents the mind. Concentration is crucial to succeeding in your studies. For good education, we require a focused approach and a high level of concentration. It’s the Moon that will make this happen.


Using some of these astrological remedies can help you succeed in your studies and exams while putting forth your best efforts.

In the study area, use more green, yellow, and orange colors. It will be beneficial to install carpet and curtains or paint the walls in these hues. These colors can fill a room with a lot of positive energy and greatly improve one’s concentration. In addition, the colors of Mercury, Jupiter, and the Sun are green, orange, and yellow, respectively; when combined, these planets promote academic interest and enhance intellectual capacity.

The study desk should be set up and positioned so that one is looking north, northeast, or east while studying.

One must sleep with their head facing the south or east, and the bed should be positioned so that it is in the southwest corner of the room.

Worshiping the Sun is another effective treatment. Every morning, prepare a copper vessel with rose petals, Roli, sugar, and water, and offer it to the Sun while praying for academic success. Additionally, donate something red.

One teaspoon of Tulsi juice (basil leaves) combined with honey should be consumed each day after breakfast to help with memory improvement.

Gayatri Mantra recitation can solve a variety of issues. Repeat this mantra along with the “Om” chants. It might increase focus and even bring good fortune.

A malefic or weak Mercury can also cause a constant disturbance in the mind while studying. Strengthen this planet by taking a green cloth and stuffing it with green cardamom, Durva leaves, and green moong seeds before offering it to Lord Ganesha. Seek his blessings for wisdom, knowledge, and intelligence in your prayers.

Remember that these are only generalized remedial solutions for education, and it is highly recommended that you consult an astrologer to receive personalized remedial advice for academic success. Since every horoscope is unique and these remedies might function differently for every person, it is advised that you chat with an astrologer or call them for online astrologer consultation on trusted apps or websites. 

Hope this article has given you some useful insights into how you can use astrology as a potent tool to your advantage in your academic life.

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