Plan of Action for Becoming a Tech Visionary Leader

The visionary tech revolution has truly arrived. In fact, the COVID-19 pandemic has been quite the catalyst in the growth of several technology-powered companies in India and across the globe. Established NBFCs have also taken this opportunity to adopt technology that shall make their services both easily accessible and inclusive at the same time.

This change in the way we study, work, shop, and live our lives has been made possible by a new crop of visionary entrepreneurs and industry thought leaders. Some of these famous visionary leaders are counted among the top entrepreneurs in the country. If you are one of those who aspire to lead your start-up or your company to great heights, you may want to learn from their meteoric success and chart your action plan. Here are some tips from experts for drafting your plan of action for becoming a visionary tech leader.

Define Your Vision –

The technological world is constantly evolving. Every change brings with it numerous applications. Each day, people are building on innovations to develop intelligent solutions that would make life easier for those around them. In this fast-paced world, what is your vision? What is the space where you would like to bring about a transformation? Are you able to sense the need, the gap which can be plugged by technology even before the end-user can feel this need? Learn all about innovation from the lives of the tech visionaries such as Steve Jobs and others.

Ideals Vs Financials –

What is the difference between a dreamer and a visionary leader? A dreamer aspires to change the world, but a visionary leader understands the value of solid foundations. While transformative changes are the focus in the tech world, it is also important to work out the financial implications and long-term viability of your innovations. IIt is important to realise that the world appreciates a leader with commitment and values. A brand can only become successful if it shows social responsibility. Balancing such ideals, values, and fiscal goals can set you apart as a visionary tech leader.

Legacy Building – Visionary leader

The beauty of technological innovations lies in the fact that they can transform almost any industry. It does not have to do only with IT services. Let us take a look at the tremendous change that visionary leader Sanjiv Bajaj, Chairman and Managing Director of Bajaj Finserv has brought into the financial services industry by embracing tech innovations. The company’s technological offerings have made people from across the country avail financial services, even from the remotest corners of the country. To be a visionary tech leader, you must ask the question, “What will my legacy be?”

Staying Relevant – Visionary leader

One of the most challenging aspects of technology is staying relevant in an ever-changing environment. This is where your role as a leader comes to play. Visionaries can foresee future trends and adapt to change. This is  one of the key traits of a visionary tech leader that can keep the enterprise or an  organisation relevant , adaptive to change and strong. It also means you will need to actively seek out avenues where you can widen the scope of your offerings.

Learning from Others –

One of the key qualities that set apart an industry thought leader from others is the ability to keep learning and reinventing. It is  good to study the lives and ideas that inspire some of the top leaders of various industries. Understanding the principles of leadership and the various styles that are adopted by transformational leaders in India and abroad can help you understand how their personalities helped them become better leaders. 

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A visionary leader can inspire the company to grow and achieve spectacular levels of success. He or she can be a beacon for great talent as well. This can be quite important in the world of technological innovations. It is just as important to plan your growth path as it is to develop your company. Learning from the experience of others and developing your own interpersonal skills can take you a long way in this endeavor.  

The world of technology is a quickly evolving one. To be able to adapt to these changes and chart a growth path, it is important that you develop your skills as a visionary tech leader. Learning from the success of some of India’s most famous entrepreneurs is one important way to do this. It is also imperative to define your vision but remain adaptable and relevant. A visionary leader will learn to balance ideals, value addition, and fiscal success.

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