A bathrobe for the dog! Sense or nonsense?

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The dog – the animal lover’s favorite child – brings a lot of fun and joy but also a lot of work into the house. After a walk, the fur friend is often wet and dirty. It does not matter whether it was just an unfriendly rainy day, the rat terrier rescue missouri had fun in the lake or by the sea, or just romped full of joie de vivre through the tall grass of a meadow and rolled extensively in it.

No matter what – the dog is wet and dirty after the walk!

Drying with an old terry towel? Of course, that’s a possibility. But nevertheless, the dog is always damp afterward and remnants of earth or sand are still in the dog’s fur. This remaining dirt only falls off when the dog’s fur is completely dry. However, the dog would like to get rid of moisture and dirt immediately – and looks for the next best aid. Walls and wallpaper, as well as sofas and carpets, can then suffer particularly from this.

This is exactly where a dry coat for dogs can help! With the original dryupcape®from the action factory from the “fit4dogs line”, the dog’s coat becomes absolutely dry within 30 minutes. The cotton pulls the moisture out of the coat and stores the moisture in the fibers. The residual dirt left in the damp fur can now fall off and is collected by the dryup® Cape. After undressing, simply shake out the cape outside and hang it to dry – done! The dog is dry and the dirt is not in the house.

Even after bathing: Dry faster with the dog bathrobe

Many dog owners know it all too well: Zoomies after bathing or showering. After a strong shake, it starts: Many dogs run like crazy through the whole house or the garden, roll in blankets, on carpets, and jump out of sheer exuberance also like to jump on the sofa or bed to dry themselves as quickly as possible. Some dogs also rub lovingly on pants or anything that absorbs moisture. Whether this is about joy about finishing the bath, stress reduction or whether the practical benefit of a quick coat drying for our four-legged friend is really the reason, is difficult to say. Nevertheless, the result is the same: wet blankets, dog beds or carpets.

Here, too, an absorbent dog bathrobe makes sense, as it shortens the drying time many times over, especially for dogs with a thick undercoat, and – as a positive side effect – the apartment remains dry and clean. So it’s a win-win situation for dog and owner, isn’t it?

Does my dog need a dog bathrobe?

Basically, the dog should be helped with a dog bathrobe. The fact that the apartment remains clean is also a very big advantage for the bipeds, but your dog should feel comfortable in a bathrobe. If you opt for a dog bathrobe, you should slowly get your dog used to dressing and undressing and gradually extend the wearing time.

There are now many practical bathrobe models to allow the dog maximum wearing comfort as well as a child’s play on and off.

The dryup Cape by action factory

The dryup® Cape is a dog bathrobe with many smart features. The fit is perfect and can be adapted to any body shape thanks to an infinitely adjustable strap. The leg joints are generously recessed so that the dog is not hindered by the cape and can move freely. The abdominal patch covers a large part of the abdomen; the long collar dries the fur on the neck and ears; due to the wide apron, below the rod hole, the long fur on the trousers quickly becomes dry. Leg new dryup® body® also the legs are well packed!

  • 100% cotton terry cloth 
  • absorbs moisture effectively
  • absorbs dirt 
  • very easy to put on, the body with the patented® zipper system Body circumference width individually adjustable
  • soft turtleneck also dries the neck area
  • covers the abdomen
  • no static charge (since natural material and no microfiber)

What material should the bathrobe be made of?

Many bathrobes are made of synthetic fibers. The material usually has cheaper procurement costs and the processing of the light fibers is uncomplicated. However, the material is usually not breathable and can usually not absorb as much moisture as high-quality fabrics, e.B cotton. Why cotton is not only suitable for dog bathrobes, we have summarized here once.

Even better packed: dog bathrobe with legs

Now that the optimal material properties of a dog bathrobe have been clarified, it is about the second major feature: dog bathrobe pattern and shape. While the dryup Cape has already become a classic dog bathrobe, there is also a further development for particularly wet candidates.

The is a dog bathrobe from the action factory, which has all the characteristics of the normal dryup cape but has been extended by legs and a practical zipper. In this way, especially dogs long-haired breeds can also let their “pants” dry well packed. For dogs with a thick undercoat, the zip. fit is also recommended. The legs are tightened individually, while the legroom remains. The dressing is also very well solved.

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