5 Things You Need to Start Streaming Your Gameplay

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Do you want to start streaming online? Here are five things you need to get before you begin. Too many streamers jump in too soon and their follower count suffers for it. Read this guide to avoid the same mistakes.

Dedicated Microphones and Cameras

Streaming your gameplay isn’t as simple as turning on the webcam and microphone built into your laptop. If you want to generate a following and provide quality content, you are going to have to invest in some equipment to help you broadcast your streams.

Look for a studio-quality microphone that can plug into your PC. Find a kit that comes with an equalizer so you can adjust your sound easily while you stream. You can achieve a lot with a mid-range camera, but you cannot beat the quality a high-end camera provides or the number of options they give you.

High-Speed Fiber Internet Connection

Have you ever watched a stream on Twitch or YouTube, and it began to pixelate or start buffering? You probably thought that this was a problem with your internet connection but actually, it was most likely the streamer that was struggling for a consistent connection.

If you are going to be broadcasting high-definition video and sound to the world then you need an internet provider that can give you a consistent and high-speed connection, preferably over fiber. Take a look here for Moscow Mills Internet that won’t let you down when you need it most and can give you the speeds and consistency you need for streaming online.

Video Capture Card

Streaming video games played on a PC is easy enough; you are essentially just sharing your screen like you would on a Zoom call. The most popular streamers will play older games, however, on old-school games machines like the NES, Sega Genesis, and the Neo-Geo.

To stream this gameplay you will need a video capture card that is capable of taking their video signal and converting it to the quality and compression that works on your PC and is better for streaming.

Tripods, Tripods, and Tripods

The biggest complaint new streamers have is a lack of places to mount cameras, microphones, and even their joypads and headsets. If you are going to be a well-prepared streamer that is ready to go on day one, you need to stock up on some tripods to hold your important equipment.

Having a couple with camera mounts is a must but get some universal tripods that will allow you to use them with a camera, a microphone, or pretty much anything.

Lights, Camera, Action

Before you start broadcasting, you need to fix your lighting situation. Too many streamers start off thinking that their bedroom lamp or overhead lighting will be enough for their stream. You only have to tune in to see how wrong they are.

Get some proper lights that are designed to do the job. Ring lights you can install around the lens of your camera will help a lot, but you will need something more to get the job done right.

With these five weapons in your arsenal, there will be nothing to stop you from taking the streaming world by storm. All you need now are the games that draw in the viewers and a community of followers to push you on.

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