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5 Things You Should Know about End of Lease Cleaning

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Getting cleaning for your property becomes necessary to give back to the actual property owner. You can acquire the services of the end of lease cleaning perth when you are short on time and want to get things organized swiftly.  You will find them convenient as they finish the cleaning tasks timely without any delays.

What is the end-of-lease cleaning?

End-of-lease cleaning is the process of cleaning every nook and crannies of the rental property before leaving. The responsibility of end-of-lease cleaning is on the tenant to deeply clean the property as the security money depends on it. It helps you to leave a good impression on the owners, and you will get credibility as a good tenant. The security money is the deposit that the tenant has to pay at the beginning as security. This money is submitted to the owner of the property, and it will be released by the owner at the end of the tenancy if you leave the property in the same condition it was provided to you. If you do not pay heed to the end-of-lease cleaning, you will not get your money back. This is why end-of-lease cleaning is necessary.

How do you conduct end-of-lease cleaning?

You can conduct end lease cleaning by yourself or hire professionals from the end of lease cleaning company Perth.

Many companies provide the best services for end-of-lease cleaning in Perth. Professional end of cleaning services provides peace of mind. They do effective cleaning to help you get your security money back. However, if you cannot pay the cost that the good end-of-lease company in Perth demands, you can do it by yourself with the help of tips that are mentioned below.

1. Follow a standard checklist of end of lease cleaning

Best end-of-lease companies in Perth provide services by following the standard checklist that real estate agents provide to the tenant. If you are doing end of lease cleaning service on your own, you can follow the list and clean every corner of the property.

2. Planning and preparation

The burden of packing, moving from one place to another, and end of lease cleaning screw up the mind. Planning is an important step to start the end-of-lease cleaning service. Whether you hire a professional end-of-lease cleaning company or do it by yourself. In both cases planning is necessary.

Analyse your cleaning requirements

Before embarking on deep cleaning of a rental home, you must analyze all the needs and requirements of proper maintenance, as many areas require cleaning.

Your end-of-lease cleaning services must meet certain requirements and criteria set by a property owner. Most tenants commit mistakes in not properly understanding the criteria for cleaning deposits. They often lose the amount of their deposit.

It is best to check with the homeowner for specific cleaning requirements at the end of the lease.

3. End of lease cleaning should be done in a well-organised way

Make your end of lease cleaning easier

The best way to make your end-of-lease cleaning easier is to do proper room-to-room cleaning. So you can do the cleaning work well.

Room by room cleaning

Clearing room by room makes it easy to focus on your task without distraction. It will help you complete your task more efficiently and in less time.

Window and door frames and rails are easy to clean

These are frequently hard or not at all considered during cleaning. However, the window/door rails and frames frequently trap a lot of dirt, dust, and moisture. You have to use the right equipment and materials like liquid soap and water to clean.

The best way to remove dirt and dust from frames and rails is with the help of a vacuum or a crevice tool.

4. Deep cleaning of kitchen and bathroom is mandatory

Nothing is worse than stubborn stains from dense fat pools, burnt food residue, splatters, and uncleaned microwaves. This situation can trigger the owner to scrub down all greasy kitchen appliances at the end of the lease cleaning.

Don’t forget to wash your bathroom countertop, bathtub, toilet, and the mirror because this particular area is where harmful germs and bacteria are located.

5. Call for assistance when you need it

Look for a reputable end of lease cleaning company in Perth for assistance to save your energy and time. Good companies provide the best guidelines for end-of-lease cleaning and allow you to get it done fastidiously. Professionals know the best tools and materials that are used in end-of-lease cleaning.

What should I clean at the end of my lease?

As a tenant, cleaning the rental property at the end of your lease is an essential part of the moving-out process. It ensures that the property is in good condition for the next tenant and helps you get your security deposit back. Here are some things you should clean at the end of your lease:

Firstly, make sure to clean all the surfaces in the property, including the countertops, floors, walls, and windows. Dust and wipe down all the surfaces and vacuum or mop the floors to remove dirt or debris. Don’t forget to clean the appliances, such as the oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, and any other fixtures or hardware, such as light fixtures and doorknobs.

Additionally, you should clean the bathroom thoroughly, including the shower, toilet, sink, and mirror. Remove any soap scum or mildew and ensure the bathroom is sparkling clean.

Finally, don’t forget to clean the outdoor areas, such as the balcony or patio, if applicable. Sweep or power wash the area to remove any debris or dirt.

Remember, a clean property can go a long way in ensuring you receive your security deposit back and leave a positive impression on your landlord or property manager.


Being a homeowner or tenant it is best to know more about end-of-lease cleaning. You can conduct end-of-lease cleaning or hire a professional from the end-of-lease companies in Perth. You can follow some guidelines and tips while preparing your property for end-of-lease cleaning and getting your security money back.

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