Everything you need to know about the trendy belly chains

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From runways to street stars, belly chains are everywhere in 2022. So, if you’re wondering if belly chains are in style for 2022, any fashion editor or blogger will tell you “yes”. Wearing gold belly chain jewelry is popular, and you will surely adore how this Summer accessory trend adds a nostalgic touch to any ensemble. Whether worn with a dress, jeans, crop top, or swimwear, the belly chain trend is a wonderfully adorable and playful addition to your wardrobe, as seen at Chanel, Jacquemus, and Dior. They’re worth a shot because they are cool. In 2022, if you’re not sure about them, consider a chain belt instead, which is almost the same but can be simpler to wear and more stylish. This year, they’re also a popular accessory trend, and here’s how to wear a belly chain and where to get one plus an additional jewelry tip to combine it with.

In 2022, how to wear a belly chain?

Don’t disregard the belly chain trend because you don’t believe it’s for you; they’re surprisingly adaptable. The body jewelry trend can instantly boost your wardrobe, whether you wear a belly chain above your denim or a body chain below a basic blouse. You can easily nail it everywhere. There are multiple ways to style yourself with this jewelry in gold, and silver like wearing it on skinny jeans. Whereas the most straightforward way to wear belly chain jewelry is with a crop top and exposed midriff or bikini, there are plenty of alternative options. Or you can wear them in the below mentioned ways,

  1. Over your gowns.
  2. Mini skirts and crop tops are two of the most popular belly chain trends.
  3. Tank tops and shorts are ideal.
  4. Wear them with a pair of slacks.
  5. Wide leg pants and tank tops or crop tops
  6. A silky slip skirt completes the look.
  7. Over a vibrant romper.
  8. Shorts or pants with a crop top.

This is a terrific way to get started with the trend if you already have these closet basics in your wardrobe. As spring approaches, we anticipate seeing many more variations on this clothing concept.

Layering your crop top and belly chain under a blazer for a bit of extra coverage and a peep of flesh and chain is also a great way to rock the belly chain trend.

With the popularity of baggy jeans on the upswing, the above mentioned styles appear to be a reliable method to put the belly chain to the test. This looks quite on-trend for 2022 when paired with a crop top and a long cardigan.

These styles of wearing belly chains seem so new, and everyone is constantly looking for new ways to wear them to suit. A modest peek of the belly chain may be seen with just the top jacket button secured for a little flash of flesh.

Gold belly chains aren’t the only trend for 2022. Silver, brilliantly colored, shell-adorned, crystal-encrusted pearls, and multi-stranded necklaces along with rings for party wear are all on the rise in 2022. These are the loveliest belly chains for 2022 in all incarnations, from glittering to beachy, luxury to premium to nail the belly chain trend. Are you stumped? Combine a handful of them.

At that point, Let’s do some more Peloton so that you may replace your chain belt with a lovely belly chain instead of just wearing it over swimwear! To be fair, the two are very similar. Chain belts are often chunkier and worn over clothing rather than on the skin that’s the only difference when compared to belly chains.

If this is your first time wearing the belly chain, try it on with a bright pink blazer and ripped jeans. The belly chain showing through the midriff-baring appearance is a lovely understated accent.

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