What Is XResolver? Its Working, Uses With Top 6 XResolver Alternatives

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You’ve come to the right place if you’ve heard of xResolver but are not familiar with it. The information below includes details about this program and a list of alternatives with pros and cons.

Essentially, the service consists of a database of IP addresses derived from the usernames of players. Despite its name, it is compatible with other gaming systems as well as the Xbox console. This guide is all about XResolver alternatives in detail.


It is a database that stores Gamertags and IP addresses of those who play online games on Xbox, PS3, and PC. A public IP address is technically a general piece of information, making this practice legal.

Despite the service’s legal claims, it can be problematic for gamers who frequently play online games. If you are performing exceptionally well and end up annoying a rival on the other team, you are in trouble. A player with basic hacking skills can use a program like xResolver or Xbox Resolver to capture your IP address and launch DDoS attacks against your entire network.

Bill Redman, a Microsoft engineer, said the company was working to increase the security of Xbox Party Chat by replacing peer-to-peer connections with server-based ones. The IP address of the other gamers you’re playing with won’t be visible to them. Initiating server-based parties from mobile devices is already possible.

Working of xResolver

XResolver is, without a doubt, a prettier tool packed with unique features for Xbox and PS users. By storing publicly available data, such as IP addresses and their associations with Gamertags, xResolver serves as a data repository for publicly available information.

You can protect your Gamertags and IP addresses by using xResolver, making them distinctive and harder to uncover and exploit.

Further, scrapes and accesses user data, such as network connection information, location, IP address, and OS information, to extend its extensive database.

Playing games on Xbox or PSN is very important, so using xResolver’s DDOS protection plan provides complete protection from hackers.

Best XResolver alternatives

1.    The OctoSniff

The OctoSniff (partnered with xResolver) program decrypts usernames within packets. When it comes to Xbox Party Chat, it can automatically identify parcels. In addition, it claims to be the only tool available on the market that features an AI-based username feature for the PlayStation 4.

As a result, it can determine which user owns which packet and link the IP address to its username. To retrieve boxes from specific Xbox games, you can create your filters or use presets. OctoSniff is considered a comprehensive tool for optimizing a game connection and increasing winnings by many.

2.    The Cakes

The Xbox XUID grabber in Cakes lets you pull the XUID of your opponent by using their Gamertag. In this resolver, no XUIDs or Gamertags are stored.

Basically, all you have to do is enter the Gamertag of the player. Choosing a format between Hexadecimal and decimal will give you two options. When you click on the Resolve button, the XUID associated with the Gamertag will appear.

3.    The Console Sniffer

Console Sniffer is an excellent alternative to Xresolver for network research and monitoring. The tool is compatible with most consoles, including the PS4 and Xbox One. You can see your opponents’ IP addresses and usernames using the tools.

4.    The Xbox resolver

You can resolve Xbox Gamertags and usernames using a program called Xbox resolver. This tool is essential for anyone who plays online games on their Xbox console.

There have been many updates to this program over the years, and it is constantly being improved and expanded.

Windows, Mac, and Linux computers can all run the Xbox resolver program for free. Your computer does not need to be installed with any software; you can start resolving Gamertags and usernames immediately.

Enter your Gamertag or username into the search box and click resolve to use Xbox resolver. Within seconds, the results will be returned by the program.

Xbox resolver offers a batch resolution of multiple Gamertags or usernames at once, which is one of its best features. Those who want to resolve multiple names at once can benefit from this feature. Each Gamertag or username should be entered on a new line and resolved.

5.    The Lanc Remastered PCPS

A number of useful features can be found in this free tool in terms of IP pulling and resolving. Furthermore, it has a database of its own.

If you install this open-source IP puller on your PC, you can sniff, intercept, and pull IP addresses from Xbox Live and PSN gaming sessions. You can even resolve Gamertags to IP addresses with it.

Easy setup and use are the best features of Lanc Remastered PCPS. For those new to all this, the company’s website has detailed guides to help you get started.

6.    A Web resolver

The IP address puller in this application is not an Xbox IP grabber, but rather a Skype IP puller that uses geolocation to find IP addresses. As the IP addresses are in the public database, the site is SSL-registered and a legitimate way to grab them. You will need to pay in order to continue using it.

Additionally, it offers a Chrome extension that makes it easy to access whenever you want.

Use of xResolver

You can choose between the free and premium versions of XResolver based on your budget size and requirements. A simple sign-up process would allow you to create credentials like usernames and passwords. A monthly fee of $ 7.99 can be paid with a debit or credit card for premium access to the features. It is one of the best resolvers of all time and is loved by gamers worldwide.


The first recommendation for IP pullers would naturally be XResolver. Of course, there are alternatives to XResolver. However, you might find this a helpful tool if you are looking for other options.

There is a treasure trove of IP addresses in this web-based database for gamers who use different gaming consoles such as Xbox or Playstation 4. This web-based tool allows you to pull the IP addresses of opponents who use other gaming consoles.

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