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Would you consider wallpapers or painting?

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Right now, I can only think of the breath of air as one that stands alone without an option. Its place of value is highly placed and cannot be with another for the same user which is respiration.

Other than this, I can think of many things that share a similar interest in a rivalry which spans from what you count to what counts. 

While the place of electronics, automobile industry, and choice of fashion labels enjoy people’s loyalty either from a worthy customer service rendered, or the peace of mind that comes with the durability, or an unexplainable brand loyalty which happens to most of us at times. 

I get it, and you don’t have to feel bad about your choice… I’ll respect that.

But then again, can we say your choice is valid, believing you have compared options, or your choice was influenced by your earning power, and your available information, which may not count unless your possible options have been exhausted. 

In the Printing Press in Dubai, options are one of the things that slow down production, especially when the customer/client is a novice but also a perfectionist.  

Now that I have your attention, in this article, I will be sharing varying views on interior decoration, and more than a glimpse of people’s minds when it comes to comparing wallpapers and a paint job for interior décor. 

I seek your patience as we journey down this interesting read, as I can assure you to learn something new. 

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What is the relationship between the printing press and the wallpapers?

I bet you should be able to solve the riddle by now; since you can identify the word printing from the printing press, likewise paper from the wallpaper, you can tell that an apple does not fall far from the tree. 

Over 4000 years ago BC, it was said that the earliest form of paper was introduced as “Egyptian Papyrus” however, wallpaper did not begin in the Arab world or Europe as many had termed it, but in the Asian culture in ancient China. 

Interestingly, the Chinese invented paper, and as early as 200 B.C. they glued rice paper onto their walls which was the first set of wallpaper recorded in history.

In 105 A.D., the Chinese court official Ts’ai Lun invented papermaking from recycled textile waste. 

Several Chinese prisoners with papermaking skills had worked for Arabs in the 8th century.

This made papermaking spread throughout the Middle East and made the Arabs knowledgeable about using linen fibres instead of wood and bamboo in the 10th century. 

This action resulted in producing a better sheet of paper. No doubt, the quality of printing paper has improved dramatically over the years.  

The printing press over the years has celebrated its impact on interior décor by the use of wallpapers compared to the conventional paint jobs done. 

Why should I consider wallpaper compared to paint? 

The place of choice in interior designs would be what to lay on the walls, likewise what colour and pattern are considered for the designs.

The walls are seen everywhere around the building, and depending on the creativity, purpose, and environment, the designs are usually carefully picked. 

The wallpaper is a type of paper sold in rolls and applied to walls for decor as an alternative to painting. The wallpaper is from paper pulp, glue, and watercolour pigments.

Wallpapers are chosen for many reasons, one of which would be the reality that it separates one from being termed as ordinary. 

It takes an extra effort to seek a wallpaper, seek a professional to fix the wall, compared to the place of paint whereby all that is mostly required is the need to buy paint, a brush/roller, few chemicals and you can paint your space all by yourself.

Wallpapers are considered noble and lovers of art. 

It exudes a form of nobility for those who see it, and they come in different patterns, likewise designs depending on where one intends to lay them. 

Is paint better considered than wallpaper? 

One of the biggest competitors the printing press is facing would be the option of painting walls against the wallpaper.

This question has been on the minds of several interior decorators for years. 

Over the years, the answer was simple and concise, which was the wallpaper. Today, paints are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners and businesses. Below are some reasons why painting is better considered compared to wallpapers. 

1. First of all, painting is a do-it-yourself task that can be completed alone by self and relax the mind, compared to the wallpaper requires professional installation. 

2. Applying wallpaper requires carefully laying of rolls and would take a longer time than applying paint.

3. The wallpaper is very sensitive, such that if not carefully done, it may tear up in the process of installation. Paintings do not break or wrinkle despite considering the lengthy period on the walls. 

4. Wallpaper comes in a limited range of colours and patterns. 

5. In the case of wear when/where there is damage on the wallpaper, one may not see the same pattern/print of wallpapers for replacement. This action cannot be a thing of worry with painting. 

Differences between wallpapers and painting? 

When it comes to matters of interior decorations, either the wallpaper or paint would be considered. 

While both of these are great options, there is a need to see what makes either applicable for different purposes. 

Paint is a liquid applied to walls or other surfaces to give them colour, whereas wallpaper is a paper-based material used for decorating walls and ceilings.  

The difference between the wallpapers and the paintings would be that wallpapers are processed compared to the paint. 

This act means that when you buy a bucket of paint it already looks like paint, compared to when you buy wallpapers that it doesn’t look like one yet because it hasn’t been processed enough until it looks like wallpapers. 

Why do people prefer wallpapers compared to paint? 

The story of the wallpapers goes back hundreds of years, but it recently became popular again.

Many people choose to wallpaper over paint because it offers more colour options and texture choices than paints. 

Wallpaper is also easier to clean up after applying wallpapers than it is to clean up after applying paintings; you don’t have to worry about getting paint all over your floor or furniture because it is already on your walls or ceiling. 

Wallpapers are also easy to clean up after installing on the walls or buildings compared to the paints that mess up the entire space. 

Why do people prefer paint compared to wallpaper design? 

Paint is easy to apply than wallpapers because there is no need to put up strips first. All one need to do is brush it on like any other liquid! You can even use spray cans if they are available in your demographic. 

Another advantage of choosing paint over wallpapers is that paint is cheaper to purchase and maintain than wallpapers.

The use of wallpapers would serve as an interior decor when applied to the walls without worrying if they can withstand all those layers. 

Paint is another type of material used to decorate the walls of buildings. The paint is from a mixture of water-based liquids, pigments, and binders such that when applied on a surface such as brick, wood, or metal, the paint tends to dry quickly. Paint can come in a wide range of colours depending on colour choice.

In summary, when considering the use of either paintings or wallpapers for interior designs, the choice is personal or based on the ambience of the wall. 

While wallpapers may be better considered for the walls because it is easy to clean after installing the rolls, and they also embrace the extra creativity designed on each roll, paints are said to be faster in decorating the house. 

Paintings are also more considered since they provide an opportunity to sample a spectrum of colour options. With modern technology in use, wallpapers are washable, long-lasting, and yet represent the best of world art. 

So, companies can reproduce any style from any period. And unlike the expensive paintings, tapestries, and hand-painted papers of the past, modern wallpapers/coverings are very affordable. 

One of the major cons of using wallpaper would be the inability to maintain the design after possible wear and tear by getting a replacement, as the design may not be available. 

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