Common workout mistakes that might be hurting your body

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Exercise, without any doubt, is great for your body. It offers various physical health benefits that include keeping your muscles happy, your bones strong, your heart fit.

Moreover, regular exercise can also help with lowering risk of disease, especially chronic ailments like diabetes and heart disease, and helps in better disease management as well.

Similarly, exercise is also great for improving longevity, mental health, and posture. However, a condition that you should be meeting for to gain benefits is exercising in a healthy fashion.

There are many exercise mistakes that can not only hurt your body, but also increase the risk of injury, meriting then the intervention of an Orthopedic doctor in Karachi.

Common workout mistakes

Not investing in a proper warmup routine

You might not consider warmup important or might want to delve right away into your routine, but this habit is dangerous for your muscles.

Warming the muscles before workout helps in preparing them for the upcoming exercise session. Without warmup, there is higher chance for your muscles to get injured, as they were not ready for it.

Furthermore, warming up, as the name also suggests, causes the muscles to heat up with the greater blood flow to them, so they become more agile and less stiff.

Having a good warmup routine can also help your muscles perform better and become stronger in the process.

Building up to it

Some people become super pumped to workout hard from the very beginning, that they bite off more than they can chew.

Your muscles and body slowly build up endurance and stamina. If you start off with too much from the very start, you risk tears in your muscles, severe cramps and other injures. So, gradually build your stamina for more challenging exercises.


Just as you need the weekend off from work to recalibrate, your muscles also need downtime. Taking a day off from exercise is not you being lazy, but its you allowing your body to heal.

Not getting sufficient rest can cause not only your performance to falter, but it can also increase the risk of injury as you push your body before it has made recovery.

Strenuous exercise everyday can also cause burnout. So, instead, try to take a day off here and there. Don’t be completely sedentary during this time, but no overworking your muscles as well!

Not being consistent

Much like with everything in life, being consistent with working out is vital if you want to avail its benefits. Don’t think that if you put in extra exercise minutes on Monday, you can take the rest of the week off, that’s not how it works. It not only is ineffective but can also increase your risk of injury.

You should put consistent amount of work each day, barring the days that you take off.

Stretching before exercise

Some people wrongly assume that they should do stretching exercises before they start their workout. Unfortunately, this habit can increase the risk of injury.

Stretching can lower the tension in the muscle and decreases the heart rate and thus the blood flow to the muscles, both of which you don’t to do before starting your exercise routine.

It is best that you do stretching afterwards, in the cool-down period. It will help in reducing soreness in the muscles, gradually bring your heart rate down and prevent the risk of injury to the muscles as well.

Improper exercise gear

It is vital that you have proper exercise gear, and no, we don’t mean cute workout outfits.

If your clothing can get in your way of exercising, it means you can get injured. Similarly, if your footwear is not up to the mark, you can injure yourself, especially when doing high-intensity workout, which may even then merit the intervention of the Orthopedic doctor in Islamabad. So, invest in your shoes and clothing!


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