Why should a couple opt for IVF treatment? Know by Best IVF Doctors in Delhi

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Social, personal, and environmental factors affect the rate of infertility. However, multiple couples successfully start their family with the help of tech or scientific advancements. For instance, Assisted Reproductive Techniques like ICSI & IVF. These methods help couples to combat their infertility and start a family. But isn’t it risky to opt for such scientific techniques to start a family? No, some of them, like IVF, are the safest & risk-free option that many Best IVF doctors in Delhi would guide you to choose. 

You can consult these doctors and clear your doubts and queries before you make a decision to start your family.

Let us dig deeper to understand what IVF is and why should a couple opt for IVF treatment.

Introduction to IVF 

IVF refers to In Vitro Fertilization whose main principle is the completion of the fertilization process (combining an egg with sperm) outside the body of a woman. The IVF journey begins with ovarian stimulation where the stimulations lead to the release of more eggs. 

Further, the eggs are taken for fertilization in a lab with sperm. 

Why should you choose IVF treatment?

There are several benefitting factors that can make you choose IVF as an infertility treatment for you but we will focus on the most useful ones. 

  • High success rate 

In Vitro Fertilization has the highest success rate among the other ART techniques in existence. The success rate ranges from 30%-40%. 

  • Flexible to combine with other ART 

The best IVF Doctors can guide you to understand the process of combining IVF with other ART techniques to maximize your chances of conceiving. In case, a man is dealing with infertility issues, the combination of ICSI & IVF can help him with the low count of sperm. 

  • Economical 

Many couples are worried about emptying their pockets while dealing with infertility treatments. Fortunately, the eco-system of IVF treatments is growing in India at a high rate. The IVF centers offer feasible IVF costs in Delhi for couples. 

A couple can get hold of the most economical package and save for the future of the child. Further, you can get some IVF doctors to help you deal with your infertility problems.

  • Lower complications 

There are many medical innovations that force couples to think twice before choosing IVF. However, every innovation comes with its baggage. Unlike other ART techniques, IVF demands less. Top IVF doctors suggest some minor changes in lifestyle and diet like eating healthy, correcting sleep schedule, etc. 

  • Enough expertise 

IVF is one of the most trusted techniques to deal with fertility issues for over a decade. You can get enough help from efficient IVF doctors Delhi to understand the process, success, and types of changes your body will go through. In addition, IVF is a long journey that allows your body to adapt to the changes, unlike other complex procedures which tamper with the hormones.

When should you consider IVF treatment?

A couple must keep in mind that IVF is not a solution to all infertility problems. You can opt for IVF in the following situations after consulting the IVF doctors in Delhi

  • When a woman is suffering from ovulation problems. 
  • If a man has low semen quality. 
  • If the woman is having any obstruction or damage in the fallopian tube. 
  • Pelvic adhesions. 
  • Endometriosis 
  • Long periods of infertility

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