Best Reasons Why Businesses Should Use Instagram Stories

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Are you looking for the best strategy to win back your business? If so, start to create Instagram Stories for your business right now, as it helps in generating more engagement. In fact, business marketing through Instagram Stories helps promote your products and services quickly. So, you can even start to create Instagram Stories for your business profile with funny videos to grab the attention of target customers. Along with that, if you want to expand your Instagram video’s reach, opt to buy instagram impressions which help boost your profile’s visibility. Now, this article will share why businesses should use Instagram Stories for business marketing. 

Let us start!

1. Improves Brand’s Visibility 

Are you a business marketer on Instagram? If so, start to use Instagram Stories for business promotion. It’s because all your followers will be keen to check out the post of a new Instagram story. Next, make a plan to post more Instagram Stories per day to engage your potential followers. 

Fact: Based on the study, posting five Instagram Stories per day can build your retention rate to more than 70%

2. Connect With Your Audience & Reach Followers

On Instagram, Stories play a significant role because of their engaging factor, as well as it helps in connecting your business profile to followers. Among other platforms, Instagram Stories are the best features that help your business in connecting with your viewers and even reach new followers. 

Using Instagram Stories, businesses can directly understand their potential audiences’ needs and requests. So, ask your Instagram followers to get them involved in your Instagram Story for your business promotion. For instance, if you want your business to get more Instagram followers and expand your reach, you should invest your time in Instagram Stories creation. Next, interact with other Instagram business owners similar to your niche to build relationships among content creators. 

Pro Tip: When your Instagram business account reaches 1000 followers, you can get access to swipe-up links that help in driving traffic to your site. 

3. Generate Leads

If you want to expand your business through Instagram Stories, you should focus on growing your prospects and leads as it takes you a step closer to business conversion. Although Instagram Stories stay for 24 hours, the benefit is that it not only reaches your followers to discover your Stories but also viewers who don’t follow your profile can see your posts.

Therefore, marketing through Instagram Stories is an ideal method that helps in reaching new followers in short. 

4. Ask Your Followers To Send Their Reviews

Before you launch your new product, you can use Instagram Stories to market your products by using stickers. In fact, you can ask your Instagram followers to reply through polls or stickers for honest reviews. All you should do is post your Instagram Stories and ask your Instagram followers what they need to know about your product. As said above, use polls and question stickers to start your business conversations on Instagram Stories. Beyond this, if you are looking to boost your Instagram profile growth, start to use EarnViews, where you can get the best engagement. 

5. Repurpose Your Videos

Want to improve your business growth on Instagram Stories? If so, repurposing your Instagram content as Instagram Stories will enhance your video engagement by generating more likes and views. It will also improve your brand awareness and motivate your audience to convert by increasing the chances of getting visible.  

According to the expert report, start repurposing your content from different platforms, where you may turn a quote into fun graphics. You can even repurpose blogs into talking-head videos on Instagram Stories by highlighting the bullet points. 

If you have old content that performs well on another platform, you can repurpose it and share it with your Instagram Story. So, try to tweak by adding photos and videos with brand messages on your Instagram Story. 

6. Start Instagram Story Ads

Earlier in 2017, Instagram released its Story ads to every business account; this feature allowed the business profiles to target and reach potential customers to make the ads appropriate for people you like to reach. 

In general, Instagram Story ads are popular among brands that get lots of link clicks and business conversions. You can use Ads manager API to run your ads on Instagram Stories for better Instagram Story ads.

Follow these steps to create your Instagram Stories Ads using these Ads Manager:

Go to Ads Manager

Hit Create

Choose the Reach, Conversions, App Installs, Video Views, Lead Generation, or Traffic.

In the Ad Section, press Placements

Choose the Edit Placements, then select the Instagram placement.

Press Stories.

Last, Click Confirm to post your changes when it’s done.

7. Increase Your Instagram Profile Engagement 

When you post more Instagram Stories, your post will show up in the feed. Instagram Stories offers the best chance to market your brand online, gain loyal fan followings and build a community that improves your business and your brand values. However, if you want your Instagram profile to boost engagement, try the following steps one by one.

Complete your Instagram bio

Include fun elements on your Instagram posts

Keep a posting schedule

Add a location to every post 

Start conversations using Instagram Stories Stickers.

Final Thoughts

Be a storyteller! Narrate the best Instagram Stories about your products and services, share your ideas with the community, discuss blog posts, and add tutorials on how to resolve problems. Instagram enables you to show off your ideas in an engaging manner. 

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