Who Is To Blame In A Work-Zone Car Accident?

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It is common to find drivers frustrated with work zones, as they have a good reason for feeling this way. Work zones on the road usually have tight lanes and restrictions, and it is annoying to get around the barriers safely. However, work zones are also prone to accidents, so workers should take appropriate care. 

Work zones should have adequate warning signs and barriers to avoid car accidents. If you have been in a work zone car accident, you may find it difficult to determine liability. Contact a Lance D. Youd Personal Injury Law attorney to get legal help with your claim and find out who might be liable for your injuries. 

Is the driver liable for a work zone road accident?

If you have been in a work zone road accident, you may question whether it is your or the construction company’s fault. Drivers are expected to drive carefully around work zones. Drivers are only liable in a work zone accident if caught speeding, distracted, ignoring clear warning signs, and breaking a traffic law. 

However, if the driver followed all traffic laws, was careful and vigilant, and the accident still happened, the construction company may be liable. Construction companies working on the road have to provide safety to the drivers on the road. If they violate the duty of care, they may bear liability. 

Common mistakes of the construction company that often lead to accidents include: 

  • A piece of equipment was in the way of the car that, caused the accident.
  • The company failed to put up adequate warning signs.
  • The company used excessively bright lights, which blinded the driver.
  • The company placed a dangerous hazard on the road.
  • The instructions and designations were confusing. 

Other companies may be liable as well. 

Companies other than the construction company may be liable for a car accident at the work zone. For example, construction companies usually hire subcontractors or suppliers to perform certain jobs on the site. Suppliers are supposed to deliver equipment and other orders safely at the construction site. If they fail to do so, accidents can happen. 

In some cases, both the supplier and the subcontractor may be at fault. 

In other cases, another vehicle driver may have been at fault in the accident. If another driver has shown negligence on the road, which led to a multi-vehicle work zone accident, you may be able to recover damages from the driver’s insurance. 

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