When You Shouldn’t Attend an Exhibition

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Those who attend exhibitions and have a good result, will tell you to go a show and to get your business out there. We agree, exhibitions are an effective way to build your brand, gain new customers and grow sales – but there are also times when you should say no to going to an event.

A lot of time, money and effort is spent preparing for an event, so it’s not a bad idea to say no to attendance if you’re not ready.

How far is too far?

Exhibitions are taking place all over the world and presents another opportunity to build you brand around the country and the world. Whilst it can be tempting to jump on a plane and set up in a new and exciting exhibition hall – there are things to consider.

Firstly, will the budget stretch? You’ll have to sort out transport for your and the staff, potentially hotels and then working out how to transport the exhibition stand itself. Consider if the outlaying costs will exceed the new business and if this event is worthwhile to the business.

Last Minute Events

The levels of organization and planning needed for an event, take time. Events can be booked months in advance, giving ample time to work with your team and create a design that will rival a room full of competitors.  

Last minute events can be attractive and could come at a reduced cost, but overall, could it be a mistake for you to rush your design and create something substandard? Potentially so.

Before agreeing to go ahead with a last minute event, check the marketing material you have and what is needed to make the event a success.

How relevant is the show?

Exhibiting in a room where no one needs your product or service is going to be hugely disappointing and a big waste of time. Knowing about the industry and which show will be beneficial will be down to experience and research.

You can do some digging and see which events are suggested and which competitors have previously attended. Being in the right place, with the right business and the right audience will make sure you seen some return of investment

Do you have the right staff?

Staffing your exhibition stand space with knowledgeable and charismatic people. The team that attends the event need to be professional and able to make a great first impression.

A large part of the business are the people who work there and build rapport with customers. The wrong team could affect the footfall to the space, the sale conversions, and the overall success of the exhibition.

If the right team isn’t available, wait until the next show.

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