What You Need to Know When Visiting Philadelphia

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Are you looking for a fantastic place to visit in the United States? Philadelphia is one of the places you should consider. Located two and a half hours from D.C and two hours south of New York, the city is a convenient retreat center to enjoy yourself. Philadelphia boasts funky attractions and historical roots. With a population of approximately 1.5 million, the city is home to world-class attractions, including diverse and award-winning food choices, art museums, and various historical sites. Here is what you need to know when visiting the city.

What You Should Know Before You Take Off 

Whether you live in other parts of the United States or other parts of the world, Philadelphia is an exciting place to consider visiting. Most foreigners must have a visa when visiting. You can check your visa needs by visiting the U.S. Department of State’s website.

Since Canada and the United States use 110-120 volts of electricity, compared to the 240 volts used in Australia, Europe, and New Zealand, foreign travelers are advised to have an outlet adapter. When it comes to weather, people traveling during early fall should consider packing clothing like jeans, t-shirts, lightweight jackets, and boots. Recommendable clothing later in the fall include jackets, sweaters, hats, gloves, and jeans.

How do You Get to the City? 

Getting to the city is usually straightforward. The Philadelphia International airport, which is the main airport, is only approximately twenty minutes from the city center. Moreover, it is essential to consider safety procedures in the airport, according to this PHL airport parking. You can opt to board a bus via Megabus or catch a train via Amtrak if you are coming from nearby cities like D.C or New York. The destination of these traveling options is the 30th Street Station.

What to Eat in Philadelphia

 The city’s dining sector has undergone a culinary transformation in recent times. New dining places continue to emerge across various parts of the city. Rittenhouse Square and the Old City are the locations of the pricier restaurants in the city. You can enjoy Indian, French, and Japanese cuisines in the City Center. As you head southwards, consider requesting Italian cuisine.

Where to Stay

Various neighborhoods in the city have different feels. Most travelers prefer staying in the Center City area. Rittenhouse Square is a fantastic area to stay in due to its proximity to downtown actions and historic buildings. Another place to consider staying is the Old City, near the Delaware River.

Hotels such as The Bellevue and Morris are some exciting places to stay during your visit, particularly if you are searching for a historical attraction. However, Center City has many hotel options to satisfy different travelers.

How do You Save Money in Philadelphia?

Some travelers usually tour different places on a low budget. If your budget is low, consider visiting free attractions, including the Liberty Bell Center, Rittenhouse Square, and Independence Hall. Buying the Philadelphia CityPASS or Philadelphia Pass can also get you impressive discounts.

Touring different places is a perfect way to spend your free time. It allows you to view different attractions, including historic sites and buildings. If you are contemplating visiting a place in the U.S, consider Philadelphia.

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