5 Clever Ways to Keep Your Dogs Calm Before Grooming

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Brookvale is fast-becoming one of the most sought-after places to work and live in Sydney. Its proximity to the iconic beaches where you can relax or find your ideal workspace in the Northern Beaches could be enough to convince you to move to the suburb. Fur parents would also see more reasons to stay here, thanks to the numerous pet-friendly establishments and places for dog grooming brookvale all over the area.

If you plan to take your beloved pooches to various places over Brookvale, you must ensure that your four-legged friend is appropriately groomed and tidy. But some dogs tend to panic or feel scared during visits to the groomers. So before you take your pet for their grooming session, you need to learn these techniques to keep them calm and cooperative.

1. Keep Calm

Your pets can pick up human emotions. If you are happy, they will also feel joy. If you are panicking or stressed, they will also feel joy. The dog will also show signs that they are uncomfortable with the situation.

So before heading to the groomers, you need to keep yourself calm and composed. You may take your furbaby on a relaxing walk in Brookvale Park to bask in the calmness of nature before your grooming appointment. It will help both stay collected and carefree prior to the next activity.

2. Do Your Usual Routines

Dogs are very sensitive to everything around them. Since they are sticklers for routines, they will know immediately if something is amiss in their schedule.

So if your daily routine includes brushing their hair before going out for a walk or a trip, then brush them even if you will take them to the groomers. You may also try to include car trips or walks to the vicinity of your groomer several days or weeks leading to your schedule so they will be familiar with the place. For example, take your pet to the Westfield Warringah Mall Shopping Centre if the groomer is within the area.

3. Allow Them to Sniff

Ask the dog grooming brookvale salon staff to let your dog sniff the tools they will use during their session. It should include the brush, clippers, toothbrushes, and other cleaning kits. This process will help them get familiarised with the equipment used during grooming.

Dogs express their curiosity through their nose. If you do not let them address their inquisitiveness, it will be easy for them to become anxious. By allowing them to sniff everything before and during the grooming proper, they will get used to the object and reduce their need to resist the process.

4. Stop When They Feel Agitated

No matter how you prepare, your dog may still feel alarmed when the groomer touches them. When this happens, the professional groomer pauses until your pet becomes settled. Then, they can resume the session once your dog becomes calmer.

5. Reward Them For Staying Calm

Dog advocates support reward-based training methods. The positive reinforcement training allows you to commend your pet for doing desirable behaviours. For example, since they know that they will get a treat from you after staying calm while grooming, they will repeat the same behaviour at their next groomer’s appointment.

You don’t have to limit the treats to toys or kibbles. It is ideal for treating them to new experiences like hanging out at pet-friendly parks and restaurants in Brookvale. They will look forward to their grooming sessions.

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