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Vastu tips to follow while going for a wooden bed with storage

Last Updated on April 1, 2024 by Ali Hamza

Is your wardrobe full and your blanket box is stuffed to the top? Are you running out of storage space in your house? If the answer to both these questions is a yes, you should consider going for a wooden bed with storage. But before you place a storage bed in your room, you should follow the mentioned Vastu tips. If you follow Vastu for bedrooms, it will ensure that you rest well and are all geared up throughout the day.

The direction of the bed, its shape, and position

According to the Vastu, a wooden bed with storage should be placed in the southwest zone. You should always ensure that you are sleeping with your head in the south or east. If you sleep in such a direction, your body will attract all positive energies while you are sleeping. According to Vastu, sleeping with your head in the north is not recommended. Another thing is a wooden bed is better than any other material because it is nature-friendly and Vastu suggests you go for everything that is in sync with nature. Also, you shouldn’t place the bed directly under a beam. It is always a good idea to go for a false ceiling for the bedroom. Lastly, you shouldn’t place the bed too close to the walls because there should be enough space to access the bed from both sides.

Clutter-free bed

If you have clutter under your bed, you should remove it. In case you have a bed with storage boxes, you should make sure that it is organized. You should be conscious of what you store under your bed. Basically, as per Vastu, whatever you store under your bed has a direct influence on your subconscious and hence affects the quality of sleep. You should only store items that are life-affirming and make you feel peaceful.

Mirrors, dressers, and wardrobes

According to Vastu, mirrors that face the bed collect stress. So, if you don’t want the stress back in your life, you shouldn’t place mirrors facing your bed. in case you can see yourself in the mirror while sitting on the bed, you should try to cover the mirror with a piece of cloth. This will help you feel much more rested in the morning. The same logic applies to a TV or computer in the bedroom. Whenever you turn them on, they emit radiation. If you want a better night’s sleep, you should cover your TV or computer screen, when they are not in use. It is always better to have a separate room for such gadgets. In case you have wardrobes in the room itself, they should be kept in such a way that the door opens to the east or south. Always keep your valuables in the north direction.

Benefits of having a wooden bed with storage boxes

The storage beds help you to maximize the bedroom space and keep it tidy. Other pros of storage beds are-

It helps to achieve an attractive presentation with professional design. Storage beds look appealing, trendy, and are high practical.

They help to achieve efficient space utilization. The storage bed allows you to use the empty space under the mattress. This functional storage concept that gives you extra space in the room to keep your belongings.

Such beds help you achieve a cleaner space- Another great advantage of storage beds is that, since the bed becomes fixed, the area under the bed remains clean. You can periodically clean these storage boxes so that dust doesn’t accumulate under the bed. Over time many items in your room find their way under the bed and hence they are not kept lying here and there in the room. It helps you achieve a clean look in the room.

It is a good option in case you have a small house- If you have space constraints in your house, you should definitely go for a bed with storage space. It will serve a dual purpose of having a bed to sleepover and in the same space, you can keep your belongings. You don’t need to buy an extra storage space or you can use this space in case your wardrobe is full.

To conclude As per Vastu, it is not a bad thing to have a wooden bed with storage but the only hack is to keep this storage space organized. You should always aim to de-clutter your bedroom and only keep those items that have a positive impact on your mind and body. In case your bed has a storage option, you should use it to keep things that are full of happy memories. You shouldn’t dump random stuff in these storage boxes. De-cluttered storage space will make you feel rested at night. Investing in such kind of wooden furniture is both a smart and practical move.

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