Black+Decker GW3030 – ultra-powerful electric leaf blower with a suction function

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This model combines three functions – leaf blowing, chopping, and vacuuming – in just one enormously powerful garden tool. small circular saw the GW3030 leaf blower from Black+Decker has already proven itself a thousand times over and receives mostly praiseworthy feedback from its users.

Remove leaves quickly and effortlessly – with a leaf vacuum cleaner and blower from the market leader

It is enough to replace the narrow blowpipe with a wide suction pipe, and the foliage can be sucked directly from the lawn and processed into a recyclable and easily compostable mass by the powerful shredding wheel. The volume is reduced in a ratio of 16:1, whereby the leaf catching bag holds a full 50 l – this is an above-average amount and ensures longer work assignments without unnecessary interruptions.

The blowing speed of an incredible 418 km/h helps to mobilize even soaked leaves, damp lawn clippings, and branches. The airflow can be flexibly adjusted on request.

Ergonomically designed and easy to use

The Black+Decker GW3030 leaf blower and the vacuum cleaner are pleasantly handy despite their solid weight of 4.8 kg. best ridgid belt sander the control is facilitated on the one hand by the wide two-hand grip specially advertised by the manufacturer and on the other hand by the multi-adjustable shoulder strap for back-friendly work.

Conclusion and recommendation of the editors

The black+decker GW3030 leaf blower and the leaf vacuum cleaner is a real powerhouses among the devices in this category. This electric blower is recommended to all those who have to clean larger plots quickly and thoroughly of garden waste.


3-in-1 leaf blowers (blowing, sucking, and chopping)

High blowing and suction capacity (840 cubic meters per hour)

High airspeed (418 kilometers per hour, strong gust of wind)

Cable operation (unlimited service life)

Two-hand handle (higher working comfort)


Cable operation (limited range of motion)

Heavy (4.8 kilograms)

Loud (106 decibels)


Can the functions of the GW3030 leaf blower from Black+Decker be changed without tools?

Yes, according to the provider, no tools are required to change the functions (blowing, vacuuming, and chopping).

What is included?

The black+decker GW3030 comes with a carrying strap, a flat nozzle, and a round nozzle.

Can the air velocity be infinitely controlled?

Yes, the airspeed of the leaf blower can be infinitely adjusted.

What material is the shredder wheel made of?

The shredding wheel is made of metal.

Can foliage be sucked up without chopping it?

No, according to Amazon customer experiences, the suction and shredding functions cannot be used separately from each other.

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